VCHS Prowler

March 6 - 10

Upcoming Events & Important Dates

Mar 7 - School Council Virtual Meeting 6:30pm

Mar 8 - Krispy Kreme Donut Orders due & Formal Day

Mar 12 - Spring Ahead, clocks forward

Mar 15 - Summer School Registration Opens

Mar 17 - Green Day and treat from Cougar Council

Mar 22, 23 - Parent Student Teacher conferences 4:00-7:00pm, in person in the gym

Mar 23 - EIPS Annual Feedback Survey closes

Mar 24 - 31 - Spring Break, school closed

Apr 3 - Classes resume

Apr 5 - Early Dismissal @ 2:02pm

Apr 7 - Good Friday, school closed

Apr 10 - Easter Monday, school closed

Huge News!

VCHS is excited to announce, with the help from CALS Vegreville, all of our students will receive a FREE Lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting on February 23 until June 12! No other Caf items are available to purchase on Tues/Thurs and regular Caf service will be Mon/Wed/Fri.
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* Reporting Student Illness *

Parents/Guardians: please call the office 780-632-3341 or email first thing in the morning when your student is home sick. Alternatively, you can visit the website and use the Attendance Tab:

We are responsible for reporting 10% or more absenteeism to AHS.

Athletics This Week

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In the Caf

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Click HERE to join the meeting.
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Click HERE to book appointments.

Please note these are IN PERSON, in the school gym.

EIPS Annual Feedback Survey

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Open March 1 - 23. Take the survey HERE
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Orders for this year's 2022-2023 yearbook will be open this week! Log in to your Parent Portal or stop by the office $40. The yearbooks will arrive in the Fall.


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Monday’s Mental Health Minute is from AHS Addiction and Mental Health March Newsletter that focuses on sleep. It has tips for a good night sleep and talks about the importance of sleep for our mental health.

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AMH Education Services

Click HERE to read the February 2023 Newsletter and to sign up for Free Mental Health Webinars.

Transferring Credits on School Fees

Did you know if you have a student with an overpayment and a student with a due fee, you can transfer the credit? Also, if you have a Transportation credit and would like to pay for school sports or field trips, you can do that too! See how here:
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Grad News

Resources for Parents

As a parent, you can access Resources for Parents and knowledge that go beyond your own experiences to help your teen make the most of their career options. In the Plan Your Career section, you can learn the 4 steps of career planning, how to be an effective coach, and where you and your teen can go to research occupations, skills and more. In the Explore Education and Training section, once your teen has sense of where they want their career to go, you can help them understand the type of learning they prefer and choose between full and part-time studies. In the Look for Work section, you can help your teen build work search skills, understand what employers are looking for, stay safe on the job, and get advice on how to help your child succeed at work. In this section, you can also find information about how to support your teen if they have mixed feelings about getting that first job. Finally, this document also has various other valuable resources to support your child navigate their new path in life after graduation.

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Have your say! EIPS’ 2023 Annual Feedback Survey Opens March 1-23

Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) wants to hear from you. Make sure to complete the 2023 EIPS Annual Feedback Survey: For parents and caregivers—open from March 1-23.

Every year, EIPS conducts the feedback survey to gauge its progress toward meeting the goals and priorities outlined in its Four-Year Education Plan. Families are asked a series of questions about their experiences with EIPS and the school their child attends, the overall performance of the Division, the quality of education being provided to students and areas for improvement. The survey input helps the Division develop new strategies to better serve students and the wider community.


NOTE: The survey is anonymous and only takes a few minutes to complete. If you want to share the experience of more than one child attending an EIPS school, simply complete the survey again.

Watch for Thin Ice

Remember, be aware of thin ice this time of year. Depending on changing temperatures, ice can form and melt to varying degrees on outdoor bodies of water. Try to remind your child about the dangers of thin ice, obey all posted signs, take proper care and remain a safe distance from the ice.

For more information about ice safety, visit the Canadian Red Cross.

Did you know?

The colour of ice may be an indication of its strength. Clear blue ice is the strongest. White opaque is half as strong as blue ice. And, grey ice is unsafe—greyness indicates the presence of water.

EIPS Indigenous Round Dance Invite

Elk Island Public School Division takes pride in hearing and honouring the voice of our children within our division. In doing so, we are proud to host our 1st round dance. Being a first, we have chosen to make this round dance where people (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) can come to learn and understand the meaning behind the round dance. The round dance will take place on the evening of March 10th, from 7 to 9pm at F.R. Haythorne Jr High School. The evening will be interactive with dancing, storytelling, laughter and learning together. There will be a pipe ceremony the morning of as well.

There will be soup, bannock, and beverages as well and a small giveaway. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Career Pathways

Good afternoon, High Schools!

Thank you to all the on-site Career Pathways Facilitators that are helping to guide students within your buildings. As a result of your hard work and collaboration, we currently have over 70 students successfully engaged in their Work Experience programs, 20 active RAP students, 28 students participating in Dual Credit, and 18 currently in Green Certificate across the Division. These are positive numbers to report in our first quarter.

We also would like to thank you for your continued support in ensuring that information and opportunities are communicated to students and families directly from your schools. Over 60% of the Your Future: Career and Post-Secondary attendees said they found out about the event through their own school’s newsletters, posters, and social media. We encourage you to continue sharing our monthly newsletter and ensuring this important information gets to students and families.

Moving into the second half of the Semester, our focus will shift to building capacity within schools to meet the Division goal of supporting and preparing students for life beyond high school. One of the priorities will include professional learning with CTS and CALM teachers to build common course categories and weightings.

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Community Corner

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Introducing Kickstand Connect

When it comes to mental well-being, we believe that connections can make a big difference. Opening up to a care provider, a peer or even taking part in a workshop can be insightful and provide the right kind of support. That’s why we designed Kickstand Connect - a free online portal and mobile app where young people can virtually ‘walk in’ or pre-book appointments, up to a week in advance, with a counsellor, peer support worker, employment specialist or participate in group activities and workshops.

Kickstand Connect offers a virtual walk-in clinic with trained professionals and a safe space for group sessions, exclusively for young Albertans aged 12-25 and their parents or caregivers. Feeling disconnected, need mental health support, struggling with substance use or want to build new skills? Make an appointment and join us on Kickstand Connect today!

Services We Offer:

Kickstand Connect offers various walk-in and pre-booked single session services, none of which require a healthcare card, referral, or any form of payment. Individuals can walk-in or pre-book up to a week in advance for services available Mondays (except statutory holidays) and Thursdays from 1:00-9:00pm (with last appointment available at 8:00pm).

Walk-in Mental Health and/or Substance Use Counselling

There are times when we feel down, distressed, concerned about our substance use, nervous, or just have too much going on. No need to figure it all out by yourself. Connect with a Kickstand mental health counsellor and leave with a plan to address what is important to you!

Walk-in Peer Support

Are you uncertain about where to start or feel uncomfortable talking to a healthcare provider? If you’d like to first open up to someone who can actually understand what you are going through, we have peer support workers to help you. Kickstand peer support workers come from different backgrounds and have their own experiences with mental health or substance use challenges. They are trained for virtual appointments and can offer you emotional support and connections based on their lived experiences.

Walk-in Employment Services

Finding a job or choosing the right educational course can be challenging for some. If you are looking for support, our employment services might just be what you need! Sign up for an appointment with an employment specialist to help work through your requirements. Our specialists will also assist you with related support including job search skills, resume building, interview workshops and education and career exploration.

Groups and Workshops

Kickstand Connect offers a range of groups and workshops - all you do is find the one that interests you. Our groups often have two leaders who cover a wide range of topics and focus on learning, practicing new skills, or both. Since these programs are designed for interaction with fellow participants, they might not be ideal for one-on-one support. If you’d prefer a private session, please choose one of our walk-in services.

Kickstand Connect will soon include the following services:
Walk-in Health Services with a Nurse Practitioner or Physician
Support for Families and Caregivers

How can you get involved?

Follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok @mykickstandca.

Join our Kickstand Youth Network: QR CODE

Join our Kickstand Family Network: QR CODE

School Fundraisers

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Local Fundraiser Cards are still available in the office or on Parent Portal. $20 gets you discounts and BOGO deals at establishments such as Envy Boutique, Loco Burro, No Frills, Jiffy Lube, Home Hardware Subway and more!
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In 1984, Operation Education began as a way to support local schools in the community. Operation Education is a co-operative fundraising program where students, staff and families of local schools can raise funds. It runs twice per school year: Sept 1 - Dec 31 and Jan 1 - June 30. Simply hand in your original Boston Pizza receipts to the office and the school earns 5% (before tax)!