December School Counselor Update

School Counselor, Jaime Poirier

December Classroom Focus:

With the holidays upon us, we spent our classroom lesson time talking about KINDNESS. After brainstorming ways we can show each other kindness we read the book, The Can Man by Laura E. Williams.

The Can Man is about a boy named Tim whose birthday is just a week away, and more than anything he wants a skateboard. But money is tight, and Tim knows his family cannot afford to buy him a board.

As Tim ponders how he might earn money for a skateboard, he hears The Can Man down the street collecting empty soft drink cans. The clang of the cans in the homeless man's cart gives Tim an idea. He will collect cans too, and cash them in for the redemption money. By the end of the week, Tim has almost reached his goal until a couple of chance encounters with The Can Man change everything.

Told with honesty and respect, this timely story shines a perceptive light on current social concerns. Readers will be encouraged to think beyond themselves and celebrate the simple acts of kindness and sharing that make a difference in people's lives."

As a follow up activity to our conversation, students participated in an activity to spread KINDNESS through compliments. Each student taped a paper "shell" on their backs. Student then wrote anonymous compliments on their classmates 'shells." After a few minutes of compliment giving the students removed their "shells" and had their spirits lifted by all the kind words their classmates felt for them. REMEMBER...COMPLIMENTS are FREE and the PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY TEACHER, FRIEND, FAMILY MEMBER OR STRANGER!

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Check out our amazing 4th and 5th grade COMPLIMENT TRAIN...Spreading KINDNESS through COMPLIMENTS

Kindness is like a Boomerang...What you give comes back to you!

To close out our lesson on KINDNESS, we watched the video below called Kindness Boomerang. This video left many students, and teachers, a bit teary eyed. Certainly a wonderful message to always live by!
Life Vest Inside Kindness Boomerang 'One Day'

Looking to Spread Kindness Throughout our Community? Here's One Way!

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Mobile Loaves of RI Needs Your Help!

A few weeks back my family, along with the Tibbett's family volunteered for Mobile Loaves of RI. What started out as being two hours of making sandwiches for the homeless as part of a Bear Scout requirement turned into a very powerful and rewarding experience for the entire family. At 10am the process began with bagging bagels, to making over 90 "Thanksgiving" hot sandwiches then loading up the truck with fresh fruit, protein bars and the fruits of our labor. Although, not in our original plan, around noon we headed out following the Mobile Loaves truck to downtown Providence. When we arrived, folks were lined up at the curb patiently awaiting a hot meal. We were greeted with warm smiles as the girls passed out candy canes and the boys made the best instant hot coffee and cocoa you ever tried ;-)! It was an eye opening experience for our children to see how so many Rhode Islanders are really struggling. One of the most rewarding comments of the day came from my 8 year old son, Garrett, who looked up at me and said, "Mom, this is so much fun, can we come back next Sunday to do this again!"

If any of you are looking for a charitable experience for your family to spread kindness throughout the year I highly recommend Mobile Loaves of RI! From the sounds of it the trucks go out on Wednesday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. I know we'll be back to help in the New Year.

Feel free to email Mary Hassen for more information:

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