Preparing For College Roundup

By: Corey Lagle

All About Me

Overall this first unit brought out a creative side in me. It made me sit down and think about myself. The all about me poster help to show and highlight things about me. It also told about my goals and values. I think this project helped me think about myself and who I am. The example below shows me having to research and explore what my personality type is. The Lesson helped me learn it.

Example: I have a ESTJ personality. ESTJs are aware of their surroundings and live in a world of clear, verifiable facts - the surety of their knowledge means that even against heavy resistance, they stick to their principles and push an unclouded vision of what is and is not acceptable.

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Lesson 2

Lesson 2 helped me to explore myself farther. This unit had me take a career values test. It helped me see what was important to me on the job. Then this unit had me take a personality test to see if I was a judger, thinker, or even a feeler. It also had me take a learning style test. To help me learn my learning style. The examples below show this unit helping my learn my learning style, personality, and workplace values.

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Lesson 3

Lesson 3 had the program comparison that helped to compare colleges. This comparison helped to compare what colleges that you chose was the best for you. It help me find the highlights of IUS, Bellermine, IUPUI, and even Ball State. It helped because it show the down sides to. Like the cost of the college and the distance from home.

Example of what learned: Academics: Over 180 majors offered, 18 to 1 student to teacher ratio size, average class size is 32 students.

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Lesson 4

This unit helped us learn about a famous entrepreneur. Then what made them successful in there business. It helped us to learn on how to build a successful business. This unit also gave us history on a company and its owners. The example below will show some facts about Michael Dell. He was the one who founded the Dell Corporation.

Example: In 1984 Michael Dell was a freshman in college in per med at University of Texas.

He got the idea to start a computer business and drop out of college.

He name his business PC Unlimited.

Then 1985 he created the first computer called the Turbo PC. This is what launched the Dell Corporation.

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Lesson 5

The cover letter helped to see how to convince a employer to hire you. The letter help us learn on how to get a employer to hire us by going them reasons. It helped us bring out our good side and show our strengths. It also was a lump some of pluses of why they should hire us. The example below show a small portion of the letter. This shows us how to write to an employer.

I have no problem working with other people, and no problem with greeting others. I was one of the head greeters at the Scottsburg FFA Breakfast. I consider myself a people’s person and willing to deal with anyone. If the position requires computer skills I’m able to operate Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Keynote, and even Pages.

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Lesson 6

The thank you letter helped us realize on how to get our names to an employer after an interview. It helped also to know what to put into it. It is a skill that I didn't know that might help me get a job in future. Below is an example of a how a thank you letter should be written.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me several days ago. I will now know what it is like to be interview and will be better prepared for it in the future. It is a experience that I will never forget. After the interview it gave me a chance to review myself. I know I should of dressed better, but that is part of learning.

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Lesson 7

The challenge yourself project has helped us learn about discrimination laws. By taking the challenge it has helped know what the EEOC does and when they can help you. This challenge helps to open your eyes about the discrimination that goes on. Below is an example of what the challenge and the bold letters are the right answer.

Wanda, who is African-American, works in the storeroom at a grocery store. On Wanda's first day, one of the delivery men, who is White, was very rude to her. Since then, this delivery man has attached negative jokes or cartoons about African-Americans to packages he leaves with Wanda. What should Wanda do?

  1. Wanda should do nothing. The overnight delivery man does not work for the grocery store, so the store can't be held responsible for his conduct.
  2. Wanda should tell the delivery man that she finds his behavior offensive, and that it must stop immediately.
  3. Wanda should tell her supervisor or any other store employee responsible for handling harassment and discrimination complaints about the delivery man's conduct.
  4. Both B and C are correct.
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Lesson 8

Workplace Roles has helped us learn about workplace health and safety. It has gave me tips on how to keep myself from being so stressed at work. Or even what to wear to protect myself from workplace. It even warned me of eye strain. Below is some facts I learned from the unit.

1: Don't consume all the snacks in the break room at work. It will cause to have to many calories.

2: Keep your self hydrated you need at least 10 glasses of water a day.

3: Do exercise to stay fresh, in shape, and upbeat. Due it during lunch to burn calories.

4: Be aware of eye strain. It can happen from staring at computer screens for long periods of time.

5: Take a vacation: It will make you not get burned out of your job. You will come back more willing to work.

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Lesson 9

The changing career flyer helped to show how to transfer careers easy. Without having to stress about it each day. It helps us to be aware of transferable skills and flexibility. It showed us and made us think we we might of need to use career changing. Below is some facts that I learned during this unit.
1: Networking- Build connections with other employees in the company. If you have ties in the company then you will have a easier time getting into the company.

2: Don't be afraid to ask questions- When you do your career change ask the employer what to do. Have them show you what is expected. Don't stress yourself and stand there wondering.

3: Build Your Team: Doing a career change is very stressful. Sometimes you can get down and out. So have family and friends that you can turn to. With them you have support that can build you and keep you going. When things are not going your way.

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