The Outsiders Soundtrack

Carmen Period 2


Megan and Liz : Run away

The scene is when Johnny and Ponyboy run away, they never want to go back.

After Darry hits Ponyboy, Ponyboy runs away with Johnny.

I chose this song because it shows how Ponyboy and Johnny felt. They wanted to run away from their family because they think their family always yell at them. Johnny comes from a family that never cared about him and Ponyboy came from a lovely family but Ponyboy ran away because Darry slapped him. (Hinton Ch 3)

Ponyboy and Johnny decides to run away because Johnny's parents don't care and Ponyboy thinks Dally hates him.

Run Away - Megan & Liz (Lyrics)

Christina Perri : Human

I picked this song because there are many incidents that happened in the story that would describe the lyrics to this song and describe how it hurts the Greasers when the Socs hurt/jump them.

Ponyboy and Johnny got jumped by the Socs at the park. One of the Socs tried to drown Ponyboy but Johnny stabbed Bob, a Socs, to save Ponyboy. (Hinton 3)

Another incident that describes this song lyrics is when Johnny nearly got killed by Bob's rings. "Johnny's face was cut up and bruised and swollen, and there was a wide gash from his temple to his cheekbone." "one of them had a lot of rings on his hand--- that's what had cut Johnny up so badly. It wasn't just that they had beaten him half to death--- he could take that." (Hinton Ch 2)

It hurt Johnny so badly that it would give him scars for the rest of his life.

Christina Perri - Human Lyrics

Katy Perry: Roar

This song describes when they're at the rumble and it shows how the Greasers are ready to fight against the Socs. The Greasers have had enough of the Socs pain and the Greasers want to win and do it for Johnny. They would fight extra hard just for Johnny. Johnny is in the hospital dying and they just want to do it for him.

Another event that happened in the story that relates to this song is when Johnny kills the Socs to save Ponyboy from drowning. Johnny is a shy kid that is afraid of the Socs but in this event, he stands up for Ponyboy and kills the Socs by stabbing him.

I selected this song because I think its a good way to show how it relates to this song. When you're in a rumble, you'd want to be the champion.

Katy Perry Roar lyrics
At the end of the rumble, the Greasers had won, but it doesn't change anything. The Socs would always be richer and higher-class than the Greasers. When the Greasers won, they felt like the champion because the Socs had always hurt them and they wanted to get them back.

Timbaland Ft One Republic: Apologize

I chose this song because when Dally hits Ponyboy, Ponyboy runs away and its too late to apologize. Dally was sorry for yelling and slapping him. He didn't mean it but Ponyboy thinks Dally hate him but Dally really doesn't.

Ponyboy over-exaggerates and decides to run away from home. Dally really cares for Ponyboy and didn't want him to get hurt but Ponyboy never realized that. "Darry wheeled around and slapped me so hard that it knocked me against the door." 'Ponyboy...Pony, I didn't mean to!' (Hinton Ch 3)

Apologize (Timbaland) Lyrics

The Fray: How to Save a Life

I chose this song because it relates to sadness because Johnny dies. He put his life behind him and put the kid's life in front.

When Johnny died, Dally was sad because he's the only person he'd call buddy. Dally couldn't help being sad and decides to rob a store.

I think this song really describes the scene where Johnny dies for saving the kids from the burning church. Although he died young, they would never forget what a hero he'd been to the kids.

The song lyrics shows a connection to The Outsiders because they lost a friend which is Johnny.

The Fray - How to save a life (lyrics)

Bruno Mars: Talking to the Moon

This song describes how Dally's feeling when Johnny dies. Johnny was his only person he ever called "buddy". He meant a lot to him and Dally lost him.

The lyrics to this song means when someone's gone, you'd want them back but you couldn't. This means a lot to Dally because he loved Johnny as a kid-pet. "Oh, damn it, Johnny, don't die, please don't die..." (Hinton Ch 11) Dally runs off, taking the car and leaving Ponyboy behind.

I used this song to relate on the how Dally didn't want Johnny to die and he'd miss him.

Bruno Mars Talking to the moon lyrics