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Swahili Coast


Swahili is one of the oldest trading regions in Africa. Most of the population of Swahili are Muslim. The language of Swahili is spoken by about 130 million people in east Africa. Dhows are small boats, usually with more than one mast, that is used in the red sea and Indian ocean for trade.

The People of Swahili

The people of the Swahili Coast share alot of the same traditions as Arabia and India.

most of the fables or stories that they write and read, are stories about animals or talking animals. Alot of the music that these people listen to has a mixed style of Arabian, Indian, and African. A couple of the instruments they use include: the Arab lute and African drums.

Animals in Swahili

In the Swahili coast, there are about 50 species of mammals and 200 species of birds.

Including: the bush pig, bush baby, antelope, and monkies

Topographical Features

The Swahili Coast is known for it's beaches, and Vegitated land. The monsoon seasons in Swahili are: November, March, July, and Swptember. The temperature averages in the 80's about all year 'round, with lows in the mid to high 70's. Swahili is about 1,000 miles long, along the Indian Ocean.

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