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John Aguilera

Earthquake PBL: Tony Stark's house Rebuild

During our earthquake unit we studied materials that withstand earthquakes and we learned how earthquakes occur. To help us know what we needed to build Mrs. Smith gave us a driving question: How can we, as structual engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? This unit and project helped us learn the effects of earthquakes, how earthquakes are formed, and how to keep safe. We learned about the materials that withstand seismic activity and what materials to have in case of an emergency. Our house was strong and had a lot of supporting materials, even though it looked nothing like a house.

30 Hands Project

30 Hands: Greenhouse Gases Atmosphere Impact

Our project that we did on 30 hands was about green houses gases in the atmosphere and how they affect the atmosphere, the earth, and the living things on the earth. I learned gases that affect it and how they are emitted. I really enjoy the creativity that we have with the slides.
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Invention Convention

For our most recent unit we had to make an invention or an innovation. We got into groups and our group decided to innovate a solar powered car. Solar powered cars can only run in the day, when there is light. So our group decided to add a water wheel and a wind turbine. That way it can run in all weathers. When it is windy it cause the wind turbine to charge the engine and/or battery. When it rains it will turn the water wheel and the soalr panels are powered by the sun. All extra solar, wind, and water power is stored for emergency. This will help, but not solve, global warming. If more people were to use these cars it will reduce the amount of air pollution, which causes global warming.