Skeletal System

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The Skeletal system ha many functions, support, movement, protection, blood cell production, and endocrine regulation.

Human Movement occurs at our joints. movement is brought about by contractions of muscles inserted onto tendons. Ligaments stabilize the joints by holding the articulating bones together.

There are gliding movements, angular movements, and rotation movements. Gliding movements are when two flat surfaces move on each other. Angular movements depend on the direction in which the movement takes place. flexion is a bending, an extension is a stretching or straightening out around an axis, an adduction is a movement towards the medial aspect of the body, and finally abduction is movement in a direction away from the medial aspect of the body. Finally rotation movements are those in which one bone moves around another bone as in the pivot joint.
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Disorders in this System

Arthritis- arthritis is a group of more than 100 inflammatory diseases that damages joints and their surroundings.

Osteoporosis- results in the loss of bone tissue. The bone looses calcium, which makes it thinner, and may make it disappear completely.