Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman



What happens is that it is Red and Black letter Day. Than Arthur and Dan are riding bikes and stop at Mrs.Smiley's place than they go back to Dan's place. After they do that they set the table than Dan asked if Arthur could stay for a while. A little later Dan's mom goes out to help Mrs.Smiley because there family promised to help Mrs.Smiley. Than the to boys are watching the TV than the TV starts flashing CD CD CD CD.


When they find out that there is a tornado they start to get ready. Meaning Dan goes to get Ryan while Arthur gets prepared for the tornado. But right when Dan is at Ryan's room the light go pitch black. So Dan busted the door opened and was getting ready to get Ryan but he was stuck. So Dan had to free Ryan. When he got Ryan free he went downstairs with Arthur to take cover from the tornado,hail,and rain. After that Arthur's sister Stacey found them and they got out of the house and then went looking for Dan's mom. A little later Dan finds his mom. After that people were asking for volunteers to find other survivers and get them. In this case that's finding Mrs.Smiley so they went to get here. After they got her they went to go to Kmart but ended up going to a police headquarters. Than Arthur and Stacey find there Dad and stay with him than Dan ends up going to Phillips to find out if HIS dad is OK. A little later Dan sees a truck with all of his family.


The Hatch family stays at the farm. But since the Darlingtons are such a big family they have to separate. If you needed food Mrs.Smiley would give you applesause plums cherries and tomatos to anyone who needed to eat. A little later they find out that Mrs.Smiley has passed.


Main and other chareters

There are about 15 charecters in the book here they are

Dan, Arthur (Dan's best friend,) Ryan, (Dan's brother,) Stacey (Arthur's sister,) Mr.Darlington,(Arthur and Stacey's daddy,) Officer Kelly, Mrs.Minetti, and other Offiers,there cat Minerva,

Mrs.Smiley, Aunt Goldie, and Ronnie Vae.

1st Problem and Solution

One of the problems is that there is a tornado and Ryan is still napping and the tornado is close so Dan has to get Ryan but right when he gets to the door all the lights went black.

The solution was that Dan was able to be near Ryan's room and got Ryan out but it wasn't easy Ryan was all tangeled up in the haning butterflies ubove him but Dan was able to get him out and went downstairs with Arthur to take cover.

2nd Problem and Solution

Another problem was that Dan couldn't find his parents to he went off to find them both and Ryan.

The solution was that there was a truck's moter went off and it sounded familiar to Dan like it was his dad's truck when all of a sudden it was his dad with Dan's mom and brother.


In the beginning they are talking about red and black letter day than Arthur comes to stay over then Dan's mom goes out for a while Ryan is also taking a nap but then the sirens start to ring and than the TV starts flashing CD CD CD wich stands for civil Defense.

Fact #1

My favorite part of the book is when the Hatch family meets up once again.

Fact #2

The saddest part is when Mrs.Smiley passes away.

Fact #3

The most action packed part is when they take cover in the shower and hail as big as baseballs falls on them and when Dan has to free Ryan from all the strings from the hanging butterflies above his crib.