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2- No School

6- STEAM Night- Come join us for Parent Child activities

7- Teacher Appreciation Day

8- School Nurse Appreciation Day

10- Early Childhood Screening

22- Last Day of School for PreK - Field Day

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From the Principal's Desk

Monday night, May 6th we have a STEAM night coming up. We hope you all will join us from 6-7pm to explore the many fun and exciting parent/child activities we have planned!! There will be activities in the classrooms that center around science, technology, engineering, art and math. You will be able to interact with your child and get great ideas to do at home over the summer. While our last parent/child activity night happened on a cold, snowy night those that ventured out had a great time! I hope you all will put that date on your calendar and plan to come and join us for some family fun!!

Teacher appreciation day is coming up on May 7th. If you would like to make a card with your child for their teacher to show your appreciation, and send it to school on those dates, please do so!

Parents you are always welcome in the building to see what is happening, and we want you here. However we do ask all parents contact their child's teacher, sign in the office and get a visitor badge before proceeding to the classroom and checking out through the office before you leave!

Field Day May 22

Our last of of school will be Wednesday, May 22. We will be having a field day that day during the last hour of school for each session, 10-11, and 2-3. There will be multiple outside activities for the students to participate in. Parents are invited to attend, and we would encourage you to please consider this a special time for you and preschooler and if possible find alternative care for siblings during this time. Students are free to go home with their parents following the event. If your child will not be riding the bus home, please notify their teacher.

Notes from the Associate Special Education Coordinator

It just CAN’T be May already! Well, here we are in the last month of school. If you are wondering how you are going to keep your kids busy all summer, I have a few ideas! First of all, don’t forget to take a look back at the Family Newsletters over this last school year for how you and your kids can use technology to learn. Here are some other fun ideas, activities, and apps:

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga This is a great way to not only keep your kids physically active, but many of the yoga sessions are aligned to movies or books familiar to kids. The videos help them to focus, follow directions, and imitate actions as well. You could set it up inside or outside depending on your technology.

  • Summer fun with QR Codes This costs $3.00, but is well worth every penny! There are movies, safety tips (for parents and children), and songs. There are even questions and activities that go along with the tech items for further learning and sharing.

  • Toca Train $3.99 (Role Playing), Farm 123 Free (Numeracy), Toca Hair Salon 3 Free-$3.99 (Creative Play), Kids Planet Discovery! Free-Various pricing (Science), Pettson’s Inventions Various pricing (Science)

Have a GREAT summer everyone! See you next school year.

Until next time…..Learn, Teach, Reflect, Grow, Repeat!

Shari Hardinger

Notes from the School Nurse:

Ahhhhh….Summer Time!!

Everyone, kids and adults alike love this time of year and we are all ready for lazy summer days. This time of year is filled with lots of outdoor fun whether you are hanging by the pool, the ball field or the beach. But along with these fun activities are hidden summer time dangers. Here are a few helpful tips that may save you a trip to the Emergency Department. The most obvious is the heat, heat stress and stroke can come on fast so be sure to take the necessary precautions. Keep hydrated and seek the shade whenever possible. Sunscreen and hats are the best way to keep the sun’s wrath at bay. Be sure that when you are around the pool or the beach that your child is supervised and that they are wearing a life vest if necessary. This is also a great time of year to put your child in swim lessons. Finally, not only do humans love this time of year but so do bugs….yuck! Be sure to use insect repellents whenever necessary and do a daily tick check as well. Be safe and have a wonderful summer! See you next school year!

Early Childhood Screening

Do you have concerns about your preschooler’s development?

SMSD offers an early childhood developmental screening which includes the areas of vision, hearing, problem-solving, personal-social development, gross/fine motor skills, and speech/language skills. The purpose of the screening is to identify children who may have substantial developmental delays and who may be eligible for special education services. SMSD’s Early Childhood Screening (ECS) is appropriate for children ages 2 years 9 months to 5 years old who reside within the Shawnee Mission School District boundaries.

How often are screenings offered?

Screenings for 2018-19 occur monthly on a Friday morning and are by appointment only. Parent or other legal guardian must complete a request for screening and submit the required documents before an appointment is offered.

How do I request a screening for my child?

More information about the ECS program can be found on the district’s Early Childhood Special Education home page under Early Childhood Screening.

Marker Recycling Now Available

We have joined with Crayola to recycle old markers. If you have old dried up markers at home or at your business of any type or brand please collect them and send them to school with your child. We will recycle them . Thank -you for helping make our world a little greener!

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