It's that time. Time to be thinking about holiday events!!


Did you know that there are only 192 days til CHRISTMAS???

ACK! I know, I know…totally NOT what’s on your mind when the temps are soaring and all you want is an icy lemonade and a cold pool.

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Oh Grumpy Cat…we get it. But here’s the deal…you may be taking it a little easier through the summer…but that shouldn’t mean that you miss out on the opportunities for filling your ORIGAMI OWL calendar for the fall and winter (our biggest selling season).

Personally, I love to plug events into my schedule for the holiday season (which really does start in the fall—no joke) and if YOU want to add events to your calendar…I made a video with some of the VERY BEST TIPS I have learned over the past 4+ years, in finding and getting events. Everything from FREE (my mom is the QUEEN of finding events under 50-bucks)…to those big, vendor events that go for days and cost up to $1200 (that is the most Sierra and I have paid for a super big event).

YES! It takes time and effort, but...if this is your business (meaning--you make money with it)...and you want to have that extra cash during the holidays…then I encourage you to take TWO DAYS and 1-3 hours, and follow the steps in this video. The video is less than 15 minutes but gives ideas on finding events and using the almighty GOOGLE to find events (outside of the normal, easy to find events).

HINT: Your BEST SUCCESS will come if you can find time to do this while UN-INTERRUPED.

Laser-like focus, peeps.


Here’s a CHALLENGE: Book ONE Event for October, one in November and one in December (try and make it before the 14th because of shipping deadlines). Then plan to have ONE Jewelry Bar in each of those months during a week/weekend when you do not have an event.

ALSO!!! If you find an event and want help determining if it’s “good” or not…email me or call me and we can walk through some of the ways to make our best analysis of the opportunity. :) My email is at the bottom of this flyer.

Do it for you! Do it for your family!

There is FREEDOM in having extra income!

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You are worth it! ENJOY!!!!

Origami Owl HOLIDAY Events Beth


Sorry...couldn't resist!!!



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