Sports Photography

3 Easy Tips on Taking Good Sport Photos By:Claudia Dunn

Sports Photography seemed like the right choice for me. In my family, there are five of us and each of us love to participate and watch sports. It is perfect for people who love to take pictures and enjoy watching sports.

Most sports photographers usually work for newspapers, marketing agencies, or sports magazines. However, sports photography can also be used for advertising to promote a brand that athletic people are wearing/using or a team brand. Sports photography is everywhere. It gives the viewer a little look into the action if they weren't there. It also allows the viewer to see details about the athlete or sporting event that could not be captured by watching in action. One picture can tell a whole story.

Here are three key elements that I discovered in my research that I feel are important to taking good sports photography:

Shutter Speed

The key to taking that right picture in the right moment is shutter speed. This is one of the key elements in sports photography. This setting is used mainly for motion/action shots and is what comes in handy during sports. With the click of a button on any regular camera, button shutter speed can usually take about 3 photos per second. The faster the shutter speed, the more accurately you will get the right shot.


One thing to consider on taking good photos is your background. You want your background to be clean instead of cluttered or distracting. When taking photos, you don't want bright cars, random people, fences or other distracting objects that draw the audience away from the subject on the photo. When using the audience in the picture or background, you want to focus on the subject, which will the blur the background a little still drawing eye to subject. In the picture below there is to much going on and the subject isn't focused enough.
Big image


The goal to taking professional looking photos is the horizon line. This is the line created by the background and the subject placed in front of the background. You are probably thinking that the horizon line isn't that important, but if the horizon line is off, it can look like the subject may be falling off the screen. Tripods not only help the camera be steady but also increase the accuracy of making the horizon line as horizontal as possible.

Well Known Sports Photographer

Bob Martin

One of the best sports photographers across the world is Bob Martin. He has covered every Olympic and Paralympics since 1998, and is the only non-American photographer for Sports Illustrated magazine. He take photos in a unique way that most people do not think about, making his work interesting.

Sports photography is used by professionals who sell their photos for money or even parents who like to snap pictures of their kids at their sport events. By keeping the above tips in mind, even the amateur photographer can improve their shots tremendously. I plan to use the knowledge gained through this independent study to make better action shots of sports events or even fast motion activity.