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Week of April 21-25, 2014


New Lesson Plan Link

6th Six Weeks- http://bit.ly/1f3xenm

Important Dates

No Think Through Math or Flight Program next week

April 21st- Verify Report Cards

April 24th- Poem In Your Pocket Day- Everyone should have a poem in their pocket to share!

April 25- Proposals for summer Learn to Inspire are due

If you haven't already- Please fill out this form to let me know your Favorite Super Hero

Important Information

Many of you have heard about the latest computer threat out there called Heartbleed. I have been asked several times about changing passwords. It is always good to change your passwords and have different characters and capital letters. Here are 2 good resources that Angela Smyers shared with us:

All The Passwords you Should Change Because of Heartbleed

5 Tips to Help with Hearbleed and Security

Tech Challenges

New Tech Challenges are up for April!


There are 3 blogs up that students can use in stations. A number crunching blog, a writing blog and an inferring blog.

The 411- National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month and next Thursday we are celebrating Poem in Your Pocket Day!

There are a ton of ideas HERE

Other ideas:

-create Voki's to share your poem- if you aren't using original poems, make sure to cite your information

-create a Google Presentation and invite each student to add a slide that has their poem and let them illustrate it

-Have students illustrate their poem and then create a paperslide video of them reading it

Need more ideas? I would LOVE to help!

Plug and Play

April Challenges

Encouraged- Check out Google Classrooms and take your students on a Virtual Field Trip

Science- Create a paperslide video

Data Driven-Write a word problem that can be posted on the Number Crunching blog.

Support Staff- Write a word problem that can be posted on the Number Crunching Blog

Web 2.0- Register for a FREE Educator ThingLink account and either create a ThingLink as a class or have students create one

See the challenges- check out all of them HERE

If you need any help completing these challenges or you have ideas for other ones, please let me know!

How to Create a Paperslide Video
Learn to Use Thinglink in Under 5 Minutes
Hilarious SWA Flight attendant- In Mid Life Crisis MUST meet Ellen and Jimmy Fallon!!