Impact of the Printing Press

Jasmine Pyke

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The Effect on Reading Materials

The text "The Diffusion of the Movable Type Printing Press" states "The printing press's speedy takeoff caused the price of reading materials and documents to drop rapidly." The rapid diffusion of the printing press allowed more reading materials and documents to be made, which dropped the price of them.

The Effect on Knowledge

The article "The Printing Press and its "Impact" on Literacy" explains the impact the printing press had on the ability to read and write of Europeans. The text states " The printing press allowed for the democratizing of knowledge as a greater number of individuals were provided access to more information." With the printing press, more people were able to learn more information.

The Effect on Literacy

The article "The Printing Press and its "Impact" on Literacy" states "While there is still debate in this area, one can agree that the printing press technology has had a profound effect on literacy in Europe." The printing press greatly impacted literacy in Europe. The printing press had made it so many people were able to read.

The Effect on Publishing

The text "The Diffusion of Columbus's First Letter through Europe 1492-1497" states "No less than eleven editions were published in 1493! They were published across western Europe, in Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands." In only one year Columbus's letter had eleven editions published throughout Europe, something that would have taken a lot longer pre-printing press.
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