The Nazi Party

By: Alaina T. & Emerson E.

Describe the characteristics of the Nazi Party?

the Nazi Party is a facist political movement and later became a goverment that developed in Germany, 1930s - Germany expirienced economic crieses, Hitler joined and became the leader and began the Nazi Party almost emediently after leadership - Hitler had the nazi's kill all the jews and other religions but manly jews to make Germany a pure contry

Identify the cause of the Nazi Party?

-Germany egressively called for nationalism, millitarism, and boarder expansion - -emediently after becoming leader he created a German army -

Explain what year did the Nazi Party Begin?

- in 1932 the Nazi Party was elected the largest political party-

The Nazi Party started sometimes in the 1930s -

Hitler and the Nazi would stay in control of Germany until the world war II ended in 1945


The Nazi Party started in 1930’s. The Nazi Party was ruled by brulity and bad violence. The ruler of the Nazi Party was Adulf Hitler. The Nazi would stay in control of Germany until World War II was over in 1945. The Jewish people have lived in Europe for more than thousands of years. By 1933 the Nazi’s had become a major presence in Germany politics. Hitler hated the Jews with their passion. Nazi ideas about race led them to see these prisoners of war as coming from the same Aryan race as Germany. All Allies fought in many different ways.


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