Holmquist News and Notes

May 2nd - May 6

Kimberly's Message

Welcome to Week 33! I can't believe we are going into May and we only have 24 days of school left. I'm so proud of what we've accomplished together and I'm looking forward to continue our journey next year. Thanks for that you do and I hope you enjoy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Weekly Calendar

April 30th

Alief Job Fair

HABE TOY Banquet - Dr. Reyna

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

EDC 155

Staff Meeting at 3:40 p.m.

STAAR Check Date

Speech/ ICS Grade Check for Progress Report Cards

Wear a Red Top with jeans

Tuesday, May 3rd , 2016

EDC 156

Science Spec. Meeting

Holmquist U - 3:40

Wear a Black shirt and tie with jeans

Wednesday, May 4th

EDC 157

Reading DCA K, 1st & 2nd

Tech Spec. Meeting

Hospitality Meeting - 3:40

Happy Birthday Kimberly

SS Registration Grades 1-4

Sparkly/Shiny top with jeans

Thursday, May 5th

EDC 158

Cicco de Mayo

Math DCA K, 1st & 2nd

Progress Reports Go Home

Library Meeting

Tech Committee Meeting - 3:50

Dress as a team

Friday, May 6th

EDC 159

Nurse's Day

Campus Innovation Grant Due

Pep Rally - 1:30

Update Class Webpage

Mother/Son Dance

Dress as your favorite rock/movie star

PLC next week May 2nd (CUM folders)

Monday – PK/K (4th placement meeting is at their planning time on Monday)

Tuesday – 1st

Wednesday – 3rd (2nd grade DCA)

Thursday – 4th

Friday – 2nd


Monday & Tuesday – No PLC

Wednesday – block PLC (free)

Thursday – fourth PLC (free)

Friday – third PLC (free)

Shout Outs

  • Ms. McElyea and Ms. Purdy for printing data reports for teachers and revamping our in class support pla to support teachers ans students.
  • ILT for going into classrooms to help
  • Ms. Williams, Ms. Upshaw and Ms. DeSauto for organizing the Para Event and for holding down the fort while out was at a training this week.
  • Ms. M. Stewart for really helping the reading teachers on 3rd grade
  • Ms. Day for organizing the 2nd grade field trip
  • Mr. Endsley for working with our boys and making Holmquist look good at banquet.
  • Mr. Bryant for helping with boys club
  • Ms. Williams for helping Mr. Endsley order supplies from his grant
  • Ms. Upshaw for attending the banquet in my absence
  • Ms. Watts for getting all amendments done and Mr. Amador for doing home visits with her
  • Kaythi for training staff for Staar
  • Ms. V. Rodriquez for taking staff pics
    • From Ms. Toney

    • Parent Center volunteers for helping to make summer school registration packets and folders

    • Summer school staff (Cavazos, Moreno, Kutiev, Martinez, Jackson, Hill-Washington, Sandoval, Tobon, Diez, Polk, and Purdy) for assisting with summer school registration

    • Ms. Dabney for completing her Placement form after having surgery

    • Ms. Walker for her patience

Countdown Sheet

Please review it daily!