May 2017

Artifact Folder

We created a shared folder in their Google Drive named “artifacts”. This is the folder that you will have your students put work that will be put into the ePortfolio. Reason: this folder will automatically make the settings of whatever is dropped into it as “anyone with the link” which is what is needed for the ePortfolio upload.

Creating Artifact folder

Creating the ePortfolio and "Anyone with the link"

Below is a video on how to create a student ePortfolio like we did together.

We also made sure that every student had their ePortfolio setting as "anyone with the link". This will make it possible for you to see their ePortfolio rather than just them.

New ePortfolio

Deleting Sites

Your students may have some other Google sites they may have created last year or many years ago. Here is a video showing how to clean this list up. The one that we created together is from the district student template.
Deleting Google sites

Inserting an Artifact

More specifically the "All About Me" Google Slide presentation. Make sure the students slide it into the Artifact folder that has been shared "anyone with the link" so that the settings will be correct for the Google Site.
Uploading All about me presentation

Uploading an Artifact as a post

uploading an artifact as a post

Uploading Images

Insert a Pic Sites

21st Century Skills

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