Crop Rotation

Crop rotation will change the nation!

Who am I?

I am Charles Townshend. I was born on August 29,1725 in Norfolk, England. I invented the crop rotation.

My Invention

I invented crop rotation. It is used to help reduce soil erosion and to increase soil fertility. It also gives various nutrients to the soil and improves the soil structure and is a good way to prevent pest invasion.

How does it work?

My process is very simple to understand... Two or more crops are rotated through different sections of a farm, the crops could stay in the same spot for one or two seasons but usually not any longer. Then you just keep rotating them and that's all.

Why you should try it

My process has many benefits! It slows the spread of pests and disease during growing season and it saves money because you don't have to buy as much artificial soil. Farmers will benefit from my process because they can now keep their fields under continuous production instead of letting them lie uncultivated, as well as reducing the need for artificial fertilizers.