DISD Tuesday Tech Talk

April 19, 2016

Reminders Make Their Way to Google Calendar!

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Google Maps Car Sighting!

While coming back from Nacogdoches, Stacy Williams (Elementary Counselor) and some 3rd graders spotted a Google Maps Street View Vehicle!!! Stacy said the students were SO excited to see it!

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How to Add a Block Quote to an Email in Gmail
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Prodigy Game - Learn Math for Free. Forever. (Thanks, Laura Hobbs, for Sharing!)

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Apple Educational Apps

These educational apps by Apple are some of the best I've seen. They have packed it full from Language Development, English, History and Geography to Photo Editing, Study Aids, Collaboration and Brainstorming. https://www.apple.com/educational/apps some really great apps for Junior High, High School and College.
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MyVocabulary.com - It's Not Just About English!

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Check out vocabulary in Root-Word Lessons, Daily Subject Puzzles, Subject Word Lists, Test Prep and Novels, etc. at www.myvocabulary.com! Covers the following and MORE!

Civics, Government

Physical Education



Performing Arts and Fine Arts

Science and Math

Social Studies and History



English Literature

English Language Arts

SAT Test Prep

ACT Test Prep

GRE Test Prep

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