East Timor

By: Moses Morgan


East Timor is rugged and a flat plain. it has big mountains such as Mt. Tatamailau, Mt. Diranekau, Mt. Laumeta, Mt Hatofahi and many mountians. And there are also many lakes and rivers that are in East Timor.


East Timor has a tropical climate which means its hot humid and has constant rain and dry seasons through out the year.

Plants and Animals

East Timor has tropical animals such as monkeys and birds you would only find ind a tropical place

Natural Resources

East Timor's natural resources are coffee beans, marble, oil. natural gas, sandle wood, honey, and wax. some minerals they have are gold, copper, platinum, silver, petroleum, and quartz.


Around 3000 b.c. Austronesian's migrated to Timor and are thought to be associated withe the development of agriculture on this island. before colonialism Timor was included in Chinese and Indian trading networks. "The Battle Of Timor" was a civil w and this was the reason That East Timor broke up from the others parts of Timor. And

between 40,000 ti 70,000 deaths were record.

People and Language

Most people come from East Timor are native form there. and most of the people who live there speak Portuguese.

Religion and Education

The three biggest religions in East Timor are Catholic, Protestant or Christian, and Muslim. In East Timor they don't have much education and they education system they do have is very badly put together.

Traditions, Customs, and Food

In East Timor they have a strong tradition of poetry. and their music reflects their history. Some of the Biggest Foods used in East Timor are corn, sweet potatoes, Cassava, and taro spices.

Land Use

They use they land for farming and they drill for oil and natural gas because they have a lot of it.

Current Issues

They have problems with widespread slash and vurn agriculture which has lead to deforestation and soil eriposion. And they have a very hard time producing jobs for people