Neuse River Basin

By: Noah Stenzler and Taylor Mecum.

Information on the NEUSE River Basin

The name of our river basin is the NEUSE River Basin. The headwaters of the neuse river basin is the falls lake reservoir dam and the mouth of it is Pamlico Sound. The total miles of streams and rivers at the NEUSE river basin is 3,409. The amount of people that live here is 1,687,462 people. Some important places are Durham, Raleigh, Smithfield, Goldsboro, and New Burn. Some nonpoint pollution are Storm runoff and hurricanes. Some point source pollutants are industrial facilities and municipal waste water treatment facilities. One solution for our point source pollutants are making a water way that leads to a reservoir but it will not be connected to the rivers and put it in their so that way it doesn't pollute the rivers. One solution for our non point source would be shutting down some of the overly produced factories that aren't as important and making use of them by building water purifying factories into them.