Wind Energy

The Pros and Cons


  • Provides clean energy. Wind turbines do not require the burning of fossil fuels, therefore not producing any of the pollution associated with it.
  • Self-sustainable. The turbines only require one maintenance check up a year, and the rest of the time can be left alone to run themselves, taking no extra time out to run it.
  • Cost effective. Wind energy is one of the cheapest forms of renewable energy, sometimes even paying back the owners for having one.
  • Renewable. Wind energy is a renewable energy. As long as the wind keeps blowing, there will always be wind energy.


  • Can damage wildlife. Flocks of birds have been known to fly around the blades of turbines and be hit and killed by them.
  • Aesthetic pollution. Wind turbines can be noisy, and disrupt the visual aesthetic of some areas, leading to opposition.
  • Wind areas too remote. Some areas that produce the most wind are too far away from the areas where the energy they produce needs to be used.
  • Unpredictable winds. Wind does not blow at the same speed constantly in any area, so sometimes, if the wind is not enough, this can cause the cost of the energy to shoot through the roof.