McDonald tofu sandwich

the delicious and healthy tofu sandwich

Tofu sandwich is made of vegetables and fish

tofu sandwich the bun is made out of wheat based dough and the tofu made of vegetables and fish. also we also added cheese and leetuce to enchance the flavor.

is the tofu sandwich delicious?

2 billion people have tried it and 80% of the people say they like it.And 20% said they don't like the sandwich.
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Tofu sandwich is best thing ever

We thought it up when the tofu nuggets a success. we thought why not a sandwich our some people say it was best idea ever.

Wonder why the tofu sandwich tastes so good?

It because the The made from sesame seed bun is perfectly toasted so it golden bun and tofu made from fish and vegetables without uses of hormones or chemicals 100% natural we also added sea salt and pepper to the tofu to spice up some flavor. This combo of Ingredients make it tastes so good. It also good for the body and mind

What else are doing with it.

We thinking of some ideas. we also thinking a spicy version, sweet one, sweet&sour sweet&spicy but ideas in development.
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McDonald by Riga Parrish and Carter young