Indias Festival Of Life Bailey R


Diwili is a festival that hindus do once a year like how chistians do christmas once a year. It is the niggeast celerbration of the year and is celerbrated in October or November every single year.

On the day of the festival they put down coloured sand or chalk out the front odf their house to say to the goddas to come into their house and make them wealthy and happy for the rest of the year.It is origanated by a harvest festival that marked the last harvest of the year before the Winter comes around. Today this practise extends to businesses all over the Indian substancial.

Indians celerbrate with family, friends and even other random indians also clay lamps,fireworks, eletrical colour strings, bonfires, flowers and sharing of sweeets. Some hindus believe that Lakshmi walks the earth to find peoples houses were she will be welcmed into, alot of people open dorrs and windows to invite it in.

The Festival of Diwali started when people belive that there were 2 people called Rama and Sita and Sita the wife got taken by a 10 headed demon and took here to his island with all his little demons that are deers. Rama went to the God of the Monkeys and asked if he and all his monkeys could help, they couldnt find a way across to there island until the monkeys made a bridge to cross and they went and killled the demons. All the lights from the festival came from when people plased them down so the to could come back and be cround King and Queen.