Mrs. Waddell's Class

Fourth Grade

Social Studies Project - Colonial Life

We are adding to our knowledge of colonial life and the 13 colonies by creating a "living museum". Students have been assigned a group of colonies (New England, Middle, or Southern) and have chosen a character: a colonial woman, man, or child, or a Native American. Today we began researching what life was like, and will become the character by using our information to write a short speech. This has been a fun and popular project in the past, and I hope our class will enjoy it. We have put on a "showcase" of sorts for parents to visit, and may be able to do that again, time permitting.

Toy Drive

Sawnee Elementary and Sawnee PTA are sponsoring a toy drive for the Holiday House this year. We are kindly asking for your help - details are below.


The Holiday House is an organization that will be helping over 1500 Forsyth families in need get gifts for their children this year.


We are accepting unwrapped, new toys for children ages 0-18 years. Your child can bring in a new toy and then drop it off in the box.


Beginning November 16th through December 2nd, SES will have large boxes located in the lobbies of both buildings.


Please contact if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for your support and participation! Let's come together and bring smiles to hundreds of children this holiday season!

Winter Centers

Big thanks to all of our room parents for helping put together our fall centers! I'm looking forward to our winter centers, which will take place on December 16th. Look for more information from our room parents for this fun event. We will need your help with donations to make this fun and memorable!

Thank you!

Thank you all so much for the wonderful birthday gifts, cards, wishes, and treats! I had a great day and felt very appreciated. You all are a great group of parents to work with, and I enjoy teaching your children every day. Thanks again!

Please send back any graded papers that you may still have!