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April 4-8

A Peek at Next Week

Writing - Writers are just beginning our book review unit. They have listed books they believe others might enjoy and have reasons and examples why they believe that. We are learning about what should be included in a book review and will work on putting thoughts and opinions in a graphic organizer this week to prepare for the writing of the book review.

Word Study - We will continue with contractions this week. Word study quiz will be on Friday.

Reading - Readers are learning about author's purpose and determining why authors write certain books and articles, along with why they choose specific text and graphic features that accompany them. Students will also determine what an author is trying to persuade them to do, think, or believe when reading persuasive texts.

Math - We begin our graphing unit this week, after our Math Benchmark on Tuesday. Students will review tally charts and frequency tables. We move on to bar graphs after that, focusing on problem solving with bar graphs that have intervals of more than 1 or 2.

Science - Scientists are learning about landforms and how they can change the surface of the land, either quickly or slowly. This week we will focus on volcanoes.

Social Studies - "How Are People Around the World Alike and Different?" Students will learn, in partnerships, about several different children who live in different parts of the world. They will think about how they are alike and different from them and put their information in a Venn Diagram.

*Culture homework is due on Tuesday.

Field Day!!

Third graders are having field day this Thursday, April 7th from 9:00-11:00 a.m. An information page was sent home a week or so ago.

Our PE department is still looking for volunteers to help run the stations. If you have time and are willing to help out, please email Coach Hardig at

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