Year End Highlights and Successes

School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Dear Trustees, Foundation Board Members, and Parents Advisory Council Members:

It was my pleasure during the last academic year to highlight for you some of the experiences and accomplishments of students in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). I also appreciated the opportunity to discuss some of our priorities.

HSS had a banner academic year. I wanted to follow-up with you to tell you of some important achievements by our students and faculty members. Our students were recognized by the College with awards for leadership, community activism, and academic excellence. One award worth noting is the Bishop Robert Smith Award-- the highest honor a student can receive at the College of Charleston. This year, the award was given to three students, all of whom are majors in our School. (You can see the history of HSS Bishop Robert Smith Award winners here.) In addition, two HSS faculty members were recognized for important service to the College and several others reached important career milestones. Several departments held events highlighting student research and academic accomplishments.

HSS students and faculty members upheld the very best traditions of the College of Charleston! We have excellent students and outstanding faculty members who are committed to a teacher-scholar model where teaching informs research and vice versa, and where the College’s instructional mission is at the core of what we do. The results of that combination of student and faculty excellence are evinced in the stories that follow. But be assured that our students are prepared to succeed in the job market and in graduate and professional schools. They are also prepared and motivated to have a positive impact in their communities. I am fond of saying that we do not only prepare students to get jobs, we prepare them to change the world!

Let me conclude by thanking each of you for what you do for HSS and for the College. You played a key role in the faculty and student successes that are outlined below. I am most appreciative of your service and your support.

Best Wishes,


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College-Wide Awards

Student Activisim & Leadership Achievement (SALA) Awards

The Division of Student Affairs selected the following students award winners at the 2015 SALA Awards Ceremony held on April 15th. Of the eight award winners, seven were majors within HSS. However, the one student who was not a major within HSS was a minor in Environmental Studies - an interdisciplinary minor within our School.

Bishop Robert Smith Award

The Bishop Robert Smith Award is the highest honor a student can receive during his/her career at the College of Charleston. Recipients of the award are chosen on the basis of demonstrated leadership and academic excellence.

  • Andrew Spector: Psychology major; Jewish Studies and Religious Studies minors
  • Isabel Williams: Political science major, Spanish minor
  • Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi: Psychology major, Religious Studies minor

Ted Stern Cup

The Theodore S. Stern Cup Award was established in 1975 and presented anonymously on the occasion of his 25th wedding anniversary. When Dr. Stern retired, the cup was passed to honor a member of the Senior Class of the College of Charleston who has most faithfully served the interests and ideals of the College and who by character and influence has best exemplified the ideals and qualities of Theodore S. Stern both in the College and the community.

  • Dylan Mazelis: Psychology major; Crime, Law and Society and Philosophy minors
  • Dakota Isaacs: Communication major

Pat Kelly Award

The Pat Kelly Award was established in 2003 by George Hopkins to commemorate the life of his late wife, Patricia Ann Kelly. Pat was a faculty member and graduate of the College of Charleston who earned her Bachelor of Arts degrees in History and Political Science in 1989 and a Master’s in Public Administration in 1994. She later served as an instructor in the College’s Department of Computer Science. The Nominees are to be non-traditional (23-years-old and above) junior or senior students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and a demonstrated record of progressive social activism, which reflects the values exemplified in Pat Kelly’s activities as an undergraduate student, a graduate student, and a faculty member.

  • Deidre Carr: Urban Studies major
  • Sylvie Baele: International Studies major, Environmental Studies minor

Alexander Chambliss Connelly Award

The Alexander Chambliss Connelley Award is presented to a student of the senior class who has made the most unselfish contribution(s) to the student body and the College of Charleston. It is awarded to a student of the graduating class for special achievement. The recipient will receive a cash award and plaque.

  • Rebecca Drewry: Communication major, Leadership, Change, Soc Respon minor

Athletics Awards

Senior Highest Cumulative GPA (end of Fall 2014)

  • Clerc Cooper (Sailing): History major

Student Fan of the Year Award

  • Ryan Spraker: Political Science major

Anita Van De Erve Staff/Faculty Fan of the Year Award

  • Jerry Hale, Dean: School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Charlie Post Award

  • Sarah Cardamone (Women’s Soccer): Communication major

J. Stewart Walker Cup Award

  • Clerc Cooper (Sailing): History major

Celebration of Faculty

Each year, Academic Affairs honors faculty and gives recognition to those granted tenure and promotion, as well as renewals, positive third-year reviews, post-tenure reviews, and sabbaticals. This year's recipients of the Distinguished Service Award and Distinguished Advising Award were to faculty within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences!

HSS Faculty Milestones

Congratulations to those who've recently had a successful third year review, were promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure, were promoted to the rank of Professor, were renewed as a Senior Instructor, or completed a superior post-tenure review!

Successful Third-Year Review

Beth Sundstrom, Communication

Ryan Milner, Communication

Lisa Covert, History

Jacob Steere-Williams, History

Thomas Nadelhoffer, Philosophy

Christopher Day, Political Science

Claire Wofford, Political Science

Jennifer Wilhelm, Psychology

Renewal as Senior Instructor

Dee Dee Joyce, Sociology and Anthropology

Ann Stein, Sociology and Anthropology

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

David Parisi, Communication

Nam-Jin Lee, Communication

Kathleen Beres Rogers, English

William Russell, English

Sandra Slater, History

Jonathan, Neufeld, Philosophy

Brian Fisher, Political Science

Kevin Keenan, Political Science

Amy Kolak, Psychology

Promotion to Professor

Robert Westerfelhaus, Communication

Conseula Francis, English

Alison Piepmeier, English

W. Scott Poole, History

Mark Long, Political Science

John Widholm Psychology

Superior Post-Tenure Review

Bonnie Devet, English

Simon Lewis, English

Bret Lott, English

Larry Krasnoff, Philosophy

Rhonda Swickert-Hittner, Psychology

Lee Irwin, Religious Studies

John Rashford, Sociology and Anthropology

Each spring, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences honors graduating seniors who have distinguished themselves by amassing an impressive body of work during their undergraduate careers. The top students, chosen by the departments and programs within HSS, are recognized for their academic achievements. A formal ceremony marks the occasion.
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Departmental Awards and Events

Department of Communication's Spotlight on Scholarship & Senior Celebration
Department of English's annual event "English Day"
Department of History's Awards Ceremony and Pi Alpha Theta Induction Ceremony
Department of Political Sciences' William V. Moore Conference and Awards Ceremony
Department of Psychology's Student Awards and Research Day

Boundless HSS

BOUNDLESS is the promise of our students, the distinction of our faculty and the enduring spirit of our friends, supporters and alumni. BOUNDLESS represents the next era of national distinction at the College of Charleston. Learn how HSS is BOUNDLESS by visiting our campaign page:

About HSS

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) at the College of Charleston is the largest of the academic schools at the College of Charleston. With over 170 full-time faculty members, we currently offer undergraduate degrees in 12 major programs and 25 minors, as well as various graduate programs. Our faculty place a strong emphasis on the value of written expression and collaborative research, while preparing students to function as responsible, independent world citizens and engaged, lifelong learners.