Hosey Headlines

March 13, 2017

Hello, I Must Be Going... for just a bit

Beginning Wednesday, March 15th, Mrs. Mary Hawks will be my substitute for a month or so. I am having much needed surgery on the 16th. I wanted to wait until we got through the Terra Nova, before announcing to the kids and parents that I will be out. (A coach doesn't leave her team during playoff season.)

Mrs. Hawks is a certified teacher. She did her student teaching in 5th grade, so she is familiar with the grade level. I know she is looking forward to working with our class. I requested her as my long-term sub because she is enthusiastic, kind to students, and has a great sense of humor.

She will have access to my Hoseyland Second Semester Class Dojo class. She will be able to send and receive messages. It is important that you use the Hoseyland Second Semester class. Please delete the 5th Grade Tigers class from your account. She will not have access to Class Messenger, so don't use it.

Mahaffey Orientation Field Trip

On Friday, I sent home permission forms for our trip to Mahaffey Middle School on March 23rd. Please make sure you send those in ASAP. We will only be gone a couple of hours. Our regularly scheduled instruction will continue as soon as we get back.

Picking Enrichment Classes for Next Year

Today, Mrs. Moss, the counselor from Wassom, will speak to the 5th Grade about their choices for enrichment classes for 6th grade. Ask your child what he or she chose.

Curriculum Notes

Reading- Drawing conclusions, making predictions, main idea, vocabulary

Language-Using more specific words in our writing

Math- Converting Measurements (customary and metric) then on to volume

Science- Mrs. Camp is planning a unit on Water Filtration. (We will also do a Nutrition Month in-class project on the nutrients our body needs.)