eTEAM Rundown

Disciples Forming Teens.

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Summer 2016... Here We Come!!!

Summer is already right around the corner! Thanks to everyone who helped host the Summer Splash Bash. A special thanks to Dawn who really carried the weight of putting it together. Despite the cooler weather, I think it was a success! Who knew 30 people could demolish 2,000 water balloons so quickly. That was scary fast!

As we prepare to plan out this summer and 2016/2017, please be thinking of what went well, what we can improve upon, and what you hope to see this next year.

St. Helen Faith Formation Team

Our Mission is "To form joyful disciples who know, love, and serve Jesus Christ, and live in faith through the Church He founded."

You are the disciple makers, so we are here for you! If ever there is a way we can serve you better, please let us know! Also, if you have any amazing, Holy Spirit inspired ideas about how to better reach the teens, we always welcome your input and suggestions.

Thanks for all you do, guys!

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