Jeremy Lin

The Asian American

Why Him?

Coming from a similar ethnic background, Jeremy Lin always appealed to me as a player. Jeremy Lin was one of the few Asian players in the NBA to make a name for himself, similar to legends like Yao Ming, he brought something new to the court. Because of this, his sudden stardom "linsanity," brought him much recognition and made him the better player. I really respect how involved he is in his church and how he contributes to the lives of Christians all over the globe. Aspiring to be a Pastor after retiring he is deeply involved in his religion and is a role model for many.

About Lin

Jeremy Lin was born in Taiwan and was drafted to the Charlotte Hornets. After his recent rise to fame, he later on became the first American from Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA. He graduated from Harvard and was very studious and later on joined the NBA in 2012. After an unexpected turnaround win for the Knicks, the world erupted with Linsanity. Thus began his fame and he is currently a YouTube and NBA star known throughout the world. Famous for his skill and determination, and also for his aspirations to be better in all aspects of life, Jeremy Lin has been know to say many inspirational things in interviews, and YouTube videos. "I'm not playing for any other people: if I started thinking in those terms, then it would put too much pressure on me. I play basketball because I love what I do.

Other Leaders??

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