Avid Fall Semester Exam

Jaylen Neduelan. 1-11-16. 7th grade.


How did I grow as a student this AVID semester? Explain some strategies you learned this semester.

Public Speaking

This semester in Avid I have learned how to be a better public speaker, in every way. I learned the public speaking terms and took notes over them. We had a public speaker come visit us and I noticed how good of a speaker he was.Now I know how to be a confident public speaker and not nervous.


Paying Attention in Class

This semester I learned how to show the teacher I am paying attention without saying anything. I learned to always have eye contact, with your teacher while he/she is talking. I also learned other things like nodding your head to show you understand, and are paying attention.



For me organization is a big part of school. Every week we do a binder check, which is a assignment to make sure your binder is organized and your planner is filled out. We also have two tabs for every core subject and Avid and one for the other electives.We do this because we have one for a notes section of that subject and one for the graded papers of the subject.


TRF's and Tutorials

Another thing that helped all my core subject grades go up a lot was TRF's and tutorials. A TRF is tutorial reference sheet which is for tutorials. Tutorials (which we do every Tuesday and Thursday) are a day when we get in groups and go over a problem that we are confused on. Most people do math since you have to bring cornell notes and we take a lot in math.


Cornell Note-Taking

One of the ways I grew heavily in this semester is Cornell note-taking. I learned how to take notes quicker and put only important information. Cornell notes help me study for an upcoming quiz or test. I can also use Cornell notes for a study guide and for tutorials.


Handshaking Better

I learned how to handshake anybody better and showing good manners while doing it. We learned to have eye contact while handshaking, firm grip, and say your name loud enough to be heard. We did a assignment where we had to handshake all our teachers the AVID way to get a signature.



What will I do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

Jaylen Neduelan

7th grade

How will I improve next semester?

Next semester I will have more organization in my binder and have everything in the rings. I will also pay attention and take better notes to improve my grades in all subjects. I will also improve in AVID by using all the strategies I have learned better in the second semester.