The Eklin Journal

October 9, 2015

Mark Your Calendars

Oct. 14- Late start

Oct. 16- We present "Every Child Has A Story" video at school meeting, 8:50-9:15 am

Oct. 23- Third graders sing Continent Song at school meeting

Oct 28- Late start

Oct. 28- Picture Retake Day

Oct. 30- Halloween Parade 2:00 pm, Halloween party 2:30 pm


Our class is in need of 1-3 room parents. The room parent is responsible for planning parties. If you are available to plan the Halloween party please contact me ASAP. We need to get a sign-up going. Hard to believe Halloween is only 3 weeks away! We can have a different parent plan each party, or a team of parents working together, or one highly motivated parent orchestrate them all! Please email me this weekend if you are available and interested.

Presentation News

We are excited to present our "Every Child Has A Story" video at school meeting next Friday, Oct. 16. The whole third grade will be singing the continent song that they learned in SS with Mrs. Boewe the following Friday, October 23.

Parents are welcome to pop into the cafeteria to see our presentations. School meeting begins at 8:50 am and should wrap up by 9:15 am. The finished video link will be sent to families in next week's newsletter.

Writing News

The children have learned how to access their Google accounts! They have published a short Fall Write story using Google Documents using our Chromebooks in the computer lab.

Reading News

The children focused on finding the main idea this week. Students looked for main ideas in the Scholastic News article about whale migration and also looked for main ideas in a spooky story this week. The children had fun practicing their best reading voices in a reader's theater settings because the spooky story was written in play format.

Cursive News

We have begun cursive instruction. The children are practicing the letters a,d, and c. All these letters use the 'over hill' stroke to be formed and also use the over hill stroke to connect.

Math News

All students reflected on their addition strengths and weaknesses Monday. Some realized their fact recall was not strong enough, for others regrouping was the hardest part. During the week we looked at ways to show adding on a number line and we ended the week with an addition and subtraction strategy game.

ALL third graders needs to become more proficient with addition and subtract fact recall. Today in Friday folders everyone is receiving fact flash cards to be cut apart and used at home. We expect children to automatically recall all addition and subtraction facts instantly and accurately in the beginning of third grade. Students will be introduced to multiplication and division facts shortly and little class time will be spent on addition and subtraction. Please take time this weekend to help your child set up his/her fact practice and set aside 10-15 minutes a night to practice their facts.

Science News

This week we completed lab sheets for our investigations. The children are learning how to write good questions and hypotheses, record materials used and most importantly, record the results for the labs. You'll find 2 science lab sheets in today's Friday folder.

S.S. News

This week we took a quiz over Social Scientists. Watch for this to come home next week. We are working like geographers and examining our world. We begin by finding where we are located in the world.

Technology News

Wow! The children are quickly becoming familiar with Google Documents. All children are now able to log into their Google accounts quickly. They have a story saved in Google Drive. Everyone added school printers to their Google accounts so all children can now print to the computer lab printer, color printer or the teacher workroom printer. Students practiced adjusting fonts and print sizes, learned how to add their name and date to a header on their document and were exposed to right justify buttons. Look for our final published stories to be displayed next week in the hall.