Cordelia Hills Update


Message from the Principal

We are more than halfway done with the school year and we are looking to hunker down and focus on the remaining half of the year. Progress reports will be available this week in Illuminate for students who are receiving a progress report. They should be up NO later than Friday afternoon.

Attendance: If your child is healthy, we need them here at school. A student who misses 2 days a month misses 10% of the school year. That is over 117 hours of instruction. Imagine 58 reading-language lessons missed.

The research shows that students who establish poor attendance in elementary school, especially primary grades, rarely recover as they progress through school. Parent support of positive attendance habits outweighs any other elementary level effort for attendance. We appreciate all that you do and encourage you to keep your students here at school all day.

Some mid-year reminders:

The first bell rings at 8:15. Students should be in seats/at morning PE by 8:20.

Cordelia HIlls does adhere to District policy regarding food in school. Please avoid bringing food for parties/celebrations during the school day. While we appreciate the treats just like the kids, we want to make sure we are maintaining an environment that is healthy for all children and that we consistently follow the policies that are laid out.

Our homework policy can be found here.

Some pertinent reminders from last week:

1. Independent Study: Please remember, all office IS requests must go through Mrs. Lissick in the main office. Her email is and must be made two weeks in advance of any requested time away from school. Please note that teachers approve or deny a request before it comes back to the main office. It is really important that work that is given is completed. Failure to do most or all of the work will result in denial of future requests. WE GREATLY appreciate your cooperation.

2. MAP Testing: MAP testing is coming up. Remember, this is our district benchmark for grades 1-5 (ELA and Math) It gives us an idea of how our school, classes, and students are doing. We are looking for all students to grow. Classes will begin as early as February 4th. We appreciate your support in getting students to school, on-time, fed, and well-rested.


District Calendar: The 2019-2020 calendar is out. Check it out here. Please do your best to plan vacations, appointments, times away from school around the school calendar. We need every student here everyday that they are healthy.

Multicultural Night

Multicultural Night is Wednesday, April 17th. If for some reason, you still can't access the links, please email me directly and I will include you on the registration/interest list.

Our Event website:

Specific registration/interest link:

A Save the Date Flyer is here

We look forward to the event and evening and hope you can participate! Please note that a family can represent culture in many ways. It doesn't have to be based in a country/region and we are open to working with families to best represent the cultural traditions of as many families as possible.

PTA Nominations

I am sending a separate email with information on PTA nominations. We need your help and we appreciate your support.

Nomination Form

Thank you to FFPD

Thank you to Fairfield Police Department. The department has been in the regular habit of stopping by once every month or so to talk the campus and to check in on any outstanding issues. We appreciate their support of our campus and community.

Upcoming Dates/Events

2/8: Progress Reports Live (only for students receiving one), Student of the Month Lunch

2/11: No School

2/18: No School

2/22: Once Upon A Time, A Daughter’s Dance

STAND UP to Bullying Day: Every Wednesday, Wear BLUE!

ALL SCHOOL SPIRIT DAYS are on FRIDAYS! Show your Coyote love and wear your CHE Swag!

Staying Up-to-date with our Cordelia Hills PTA

Membership drive is on. Check out the details below!

PTA Webpage:

PTA Calendar:

Cordelia Public Library--Did you know!

The Cordelia Public library is a wealth of resources. They include tutoring and sensory reading time for students with more intense sensory need. Check out the website!

Upcoming Library Events

Additional Resources for Parents