By Jacob A.


The Russians came from many places in Russia such as St. Petersburg the Russian brought some cultural contributions like food such as Caviar and spice cakes another thing they brought was Easter/painting Easter eggs another thing the Russians brought was the accordion and they dance to it, The reason for the Russians to come was a political reason they didn't like the was Russia was being ruled so they went to america for freedom from the ruler of Russia they also came because of the lack of food i there country so they came to america for more food some came in search of a job for money. But they all came for hope of a better life.


The Irish were among the first European settlers to come to North America in the 1600s. Some Irish came to America for freedom to worship. some cultural contribution the Irish brought were St.Patrick's day they also brought potatoes were the Irish settled after there long boat ride. Before the 1800s the would settle on the countryside of the United States, during the 1800s they would settle on the country side of Canada. Some reason they came to America was find food because back at home there main food potatoes was in famine and was not good to eat others came for freedom to worship. But they all came for hope of a better life


The Germans came from Germany in Europe they came by boat to North America. Many German immigrants settled near ports and cities some went to farm in the Midwest. Some Germans made there own businesses or went to work in factories. Some cultural contributions were they decoration on Christmas trees such as cookies, candy, fruit, glass balls and candles. also the German brought the celebration of Oktoberfest some of there reasons of coming was to some came for education others came for religious freedom too. But they all came for hope of a better life.