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The importance of blogging in today's education

What exactly is blogging?

One starts to think of the term blogging and questions what exactly that means. Well to think about the act of actually blogging, we must first know what a blog is. A blog is an online journal or diary that gets updated frequently. Blog is short for the term weblog which basically means that you can write about anything you feel fit that has a purpose to be read. So now that we understand what a blog is , now we can look back to the term blogging and who can do it. Blogging is actually the action of writing a blog. Blogging is my way of sharing my thoughts and opinions with the world today. Anyone in the wold can blog and become their own author. All it takes is a little bit of time and creativity to create a magnificent blog. It is just that easy to do! You may be asking yourself, why should I blog? Well the answer is easy- You have a voice and an opinion and you should feel free to let both of those shine. Today we learn so much from the internet and the 21st century of Digital Learners that are in schools today need to be engaged and intrigued but the sources that are presented to them. It is a time of collaboration and creativity that makes the education system today much more intriguing. Even though blogging can be used for any purpose, today we are going to focus on how blogging can help in the field of Education.

Videos on Why schools and students should blog.

Digitalk - Why should schools blog?

Using blogs in the classroom

Many teachers are using blogs in the classrooms today for many different things. It is important to teach how to use blogs and what they are used for since some students many not know what blogs are or why they are used. BrainPOP has a kid friendly video that explains about the different kinds of blogs that are available and why we use blogs in the first place. Click here to learn how BrainPOP introduces it to kids.

Teachers use blogs to create a classroom community. Many parents also get involved in the blogging which makes many home to school connections. Rhonda Sol, from Washington Virtual Academy, created a video on how she uses the blogs to connect her classroom together and to create that community that teachers go for. Click here to see the link.

Blogging in an important tool in literacy as well. Today's students do not learn by just reading and writing ,like many adults use to learn when they were in school. The use of the internet has become imperative to learning in schools today. The idea of blogging,especially for students, allows them to express the idea of "voice" which allows them to feel empowered by their thoughts and ideas, but more importantly their words are being heard by a real audience. This sense of audience gives students a reason to want to write and respond within a collaborative learning environment. As i learn more about blogging and technology, I can't wait to explore this in my future classroom!

About me

I am a Graduate Student at Mount Saint Mary College. I am currently pursuing my Graduate degree in Literacy B-6. I have my undergrad from St. Thomas Aquinas College in Childhood Education/Special Education 1-6. Technology is all around us. Until I enrolled in my literacy and technology class, I presumed I was a digital native with the technology used today. I was very wrong! I have only touched on the surface of tools that are available to the world today. I hope by exploring more and researching the tools available, I will grow as a Digital Immigrant into the Web 2.0 world today.