Inside of Earth

Digging Deeper Inside the Earth

Key ?

How are movements on the Earth's surface effected by the structure under the Earth's surface?

What is the job/function of each layer of the Earth for the Earth?

Which layer is most vital or important for our survival? why?

Main Course 1(Submitted separately as 4321 on 2/12)

Paintbrush/Google Draw Prior Knowledge Sketch

Plus Video Discovery ?_Main course 1 document was loaded separately in Learn and should have been completed -4321 chart by 2/12

Here is another link of ? if you want to review what you learned in Main Course 1


Earth science warmups Feb 17-27th

Station Directions

Once we complete our beginning investigation and Main Course we will be rotating through science stations.

We will do 2 each day of science this week, then finish the fifth one next week

We will use the remaining time that day to wrap up and have a review scavenger hunt!

Station 1 Bubble Map or Crossword

Study Jams & Bubble Map Option

Choice 1

Watch the study jams videos about the Structure of the Earth

Directions: Create a 3 circle venn diagram about 3 different layers of the Earth/atmosphere inGoogle draw

You must have at least 2 similarities in the diagram and at least 8 other differences somewhere on the diagram

Think about how the layers of the Earth are like/unlike the different layers in the atomosphere

You will also need to use the info from the discovery of earth videos too(you may use facts you learned about the atmosphere last year or books, but no wikipedia)

2 pt for each comment x 10 = 20 pt

drawing/titleing chart and diagram = 5pt

share link in google draw

Crossword Puzzle Directions

Go to the discovery puzzle maker and create a crossword puzzle using 15 vocabulary words from

Inside the Earth video as well as add other words from this brain pop video

These may include: asthenosphere, lithosphere, crust, mantle, inner core, dentisty, iron, nickle, outer core, gravity, etc.

-make sure you base your clues on videos and you spell correctly

15 pt-creation of clue

15 pt-vocabulary usage/spelling/accuracy + key

Please print your puzzle as well as drop box it

Also please make sure you give Ms. Lewis a copy of your key

If your clues are really great, yours may be selected as the study guide one for the quiz

Station 2&3 Article/Presentation

Read the article Mrs. Lewis has selected below for your group or these websites: Please use at least 2 of the sites in addition to brain pop and Discovery ed, as well as one article to help you with your info! Also use one of the book resources in the classroom.

You will become an expert in your group on part of the Earth

-Use the notes you have already taken to roll a layer of the Earth

-Create a poster about your Layer of the Earth in Piktochart or short Educreations

These are requirements for poster or video

-1.Give it's depth, size, color, etc.(5pt)

2.Give it's composition-what it is made of(be very specific about materials, elements, etc)(5pt)

3.Tell why this layer is important for the Earth(5pt)

4. Explain if life lives there(5pt)

5.-Explain if this layer is involved in the creation of mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes,-how is it active or inactive?(5pt)

6.Technology use & creativity(5pt)

7.Citing sources & accuracy of info(5pt)

35 pt

You may also create a short skit or movie

Edible Earth Station 4(Teacher Table)

At this station you will create an Edible Model of the Earth!

See link below

Mystery Clue Station 5

Please open the Mystery clues!

Use the sites about the Earth to help you solve these clues!

If a clue is false, rewrite it to make it true!

20 pt-

Station 5 Comic Strip Choice 2

You will need to log into Discovery and partner read the article for this station!

See directions inside for this station

Bonus & Review