Love That Dog... &... Hate That Cat

by Sharon Creech

Tentative Schedule for 3rd grade Interactive RA with Accountable Talk

Jan. 5 Play book trailer video for Love That Dog

Explain to class that this is a book about a boy in Ms. Stretchberry's classroom. She is sharing some famous poems with her class, and then her students are writing poems using the famous poems to inspire their poetry writing. Jack, in the beginning, is resistant to trying out poetry, but how he changes his feelings about poetry during this year in Ms. Stretchberry's class.

Jan. 6 Use the link to share "The Red Wheelbarrow" poem with the class.

Pause the video and as a class create a poem mimicking "The Red Wheelbarrow" and record on chart paper.

Then read pages 1-5 which are Jack's journal response to "The Red Wheelbarrow" poem.

Jan. 7 Use the link to share "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" with the class.

Pause and locate examples of: imagery, rhythm, rhyme, and repetition.

Then read pages 6-7 from (LTD) which are Jack's response to this poem.

Jan. 11 - Use the link to read the first stanza of "The Tyger" poem with rhythm.

Next read pages 8-11 of Jack's response to "The Tyger" poem

Jan. 12 - Use the link to read "dog" by Valerie Worth.

Listen to the video of the poem reading without using punctuation and then again with punctuation.

Next read pages 12-14 in Jack's response journal about writing about a pet.

Use the link to read "The Pasture" by Robert Frost.

This poem uses repetition, it has two stanzas, and it's a happy poem.

Jan. 13 Bundle -Sharon Creech -biography/interview

Jan. 14 Accountable Talk

Jan. 18 Use the link to view "Street Music" by Arnold Adoff

This poem shows how the use of spacing and punctuation enhances the poem.

Also, view "The Apple" shape poem where concrete words are used to describe the object.

Then go back to Love That Dog book and read pages 15-24. What do you notice about Jack's attitude about his poetry?

Jan. 19 Use the link to view "Love That Boy" by Walter Dean Meyers

Read pages 25-34 from Love That Dog. What do you notice about the words in Jack's poetry?

Jan. 20 Read pages 35-54

Jan. 21 Accountable Talk

Jan. 25 Read pages 55-64

Jan. 26 Read pages 65-86

Jan. 27 Bundle- Video interview of poet Walter Dean Myers (writer of "Love That Boy" poem.

Jan. 28 Accountable Talk

Hate That Cat

Feb. 1 Read "Black Cat" by Christopher Myers pg. 141 and "The Naming of Cats by T.S. Eliot pages 143-145

Then read pages 1-18 from Jack

Feb. 2 Read "The Bells" pg. 135 by Edgar Allan Poe

Then read pages 19-27 From Jack

Feb. 3 Read "The Kitten" pgs. 138-139 & "The Eagle" p. 140

Then read pages 28-41 from Jack

Feb. 4 Accountable Talk

Feb. 8 Read "This is Just to Say" by William Carlos Williams on page 146 & "To a Poor Old Woman" by William Carlos Williams on page 147.

Next read pages 42-60

Feb. 9 Read "Poem" by William Carlos Williams on page 148

Then read pages 60-82

Feb. 10 pages 80-100

Feb. 11 pages 101-125 and Celebrate Poetry!