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Anchors Away for a great year!

Words from PWW

Fitness Frenzy--OH MY!!! What a fantastic experience for our students!!! Looking forward to another 4 days of fun! Thanks Coach O for all your planning and hard work! Thanks teachers for your help!!

8 days of learning and fun left in this year!!! Wow! Didn't we just start this voyage???? We are close to porting the 2015-16 ship!!! One day at a time! Remember that students do better when we keep them busy!!!! Learning is fun!! Now is a great time to reflect with your children-what was something they loved, something they wish, etc. Enjoy these last few days!

You have pink/blue (girls/boys) cards in your box. Please fill these out. We will use them the last day of school.

Please have your data in the data wall by the end of the day Thursday. We will print your data sheets for you. We will put one set in your box to go in your assessment folders. If for some reason you will not be finished, please let us know.

Growth Goal for 2016-17

If you are doing science for your growth goal for next year, please use the following as your goal:

Goal for 2016-17

Incorporate instructional strategies to increase student content knowledge across content areas.

Components: 1A, 1C, 1D, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3C, 4A

If you are not using science, I will help you! Please print out a copy out of Bloomboad to turn in at check out.

This needs to be on your sticky notes. Please hid your old ones.

Teacher Bumper Numbers

Upcoming events

5/16 K Fitness Frenzy

5/17 1st Grade FF

5/18 2nd FF

5/18 3rd Grade KK to Nursing Home

5/19 3r Grade FF

5/19 K Teacher to science training PM

5/19 Impact Awards from CHS

5/19 Half Price Book Fair

5/20 Half Price Book Fair

5/20 Talent Show 8:30

5/20 PTO Elections

5/20 1:25 Yearbook signing

5/20 CHS Graduation 2:00 dismissal

5/20 Guided Reading Books Due to book room-please put in correct spot

5/23 4th Grade Graduation

5/23 K Program

5/23 meeting 3:40

5/24 Awards 1st-3rd grade

5/24 Hot dogs/Kona Ice/Jumpy Houses/2:00 Dismissal All FREE

5/25 Last Day 2:00 Dismissal

5/26 8:30 District Meeting Plan to stay until 3:00

May Birthdays

Kim Scott 16
Stephanie Bowers 17

Nicole Wagers 21

Amanda Curtright 25