I cannot believe it is already February! We are already well into 2016 and are prepared for one action-packed year.

Children in the Waa room have shown a great interest in dress ups and pretend play over the weeks. We have introduced a pretend play area which help children to enhance their social skills and communication skills. Dramatic play can be defined as a type of play where children accept and assign roles, and then act them out.

When children come together in a dramatic play experience, they have to agree on a topic, negotiate roles, and cooperate to bring it all together. And by recreating some of the life experiences they actually face, they learn how to cope with any fears and worries that may accompany these experiences. They also develop the skills they need to cooperate with their peers.

Mixing colours is always lots of fun. Children love mixing the colours when they paint and watch how new colours are formed. We focused on lots of small group paintings so they could use their imagination on the large paper.

Over time they will learn which colours blend beautifully and will be able to say yellow and blue makes green or red and blue makes purple. This week we refilled our paint pots with new and inspiring colours; colours to paint the night sky, to paint a sunset, to paint the sunflowers, colours to ignite their imagination.

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