Mrs. Rassbach's

TWEET of the week

October 12-October 22


Last week we started the story Animals Building Homes. This is an informational text that tells about different types of animal homes around the world. Can you guess what animal makes a nest in a tree even though it doesn't have wings? We'll find out while reading Whose Home Is That?

Our test will be on Wednesday for this story.

Learning goals for Teacher's Pet:

I can ...

- find text and graphic features in a non-fiction text

-ask questions about what I am reading


Unit 2- Addition and Subtraction facts test is Tuesday 11/3

We will be focusing on addition and subtraction strategies the next few weeks as well as unit 3 in Everyday math.

We will continue to do our math rotations.

M- Math Facts (they will be using the Fastt Math app on their Ipads)

A- At your seat work (work they have learned from the previous days lesson or review work)

T- Teacher Time (students will receive their math instruction here in small groups of no more than 7 students)

H- Hands On learning (typically a game to review the concept being taught)

** homework will come home if they did not finish in rotations**

Learning Goals for the unit 3:

I can...

- identify place value

- tell time

- making change

- use coins to buy things

Spelling/Vocabulary WORDS

Spelling words of the week: consonant final blends nd, ng, nk, ft, xt, mp

next, end, camp, sank, sing, drink, hunt, stand, long, stamp, pond, bring

Review: jump, left

Challenge: young, friend

Vocabulary words:

pond, winding, deepest, beaks, branches, break, shaped, hang

Additional Information

Tests: - Comprehension test of Animals Building Homes on Wednesday

Spelling, Vocabulary, and phonics test on Friday

BOOK IT/Deep River- these are optional for your students to participate in. They do not have to return them to school each day, just at the end of the month for credit. They do need to turn in reading log each day.

Fact practice- we will be starting a fact practice daily in addition to FasttMath. Please utilize flash cards at home for addition mastery.