A little Holiday Update

The best kind of news to share.

Thanks to the generosity of Randolph families and staff...here's what Santa and his elves have been working on over the last month.....

Friends, families and staff of Randolph are so generous and make it possible for us to help so many at Christmas time. Here is a rundown of the generosity this year:

• $10 grocery gift cards: We have just reached our goal and were able to supply a gift card to all of the families who get a Friday backpack of food. Gift cards are still coming in...but that's okay. We use these extra gift cards to help out the folks who are on the backpack waiting list, or help others in need as the school year goes on.

• Messiah Lutheran Church adopted FIVE FAMILIES for Christmas. They went shopping for these families and will deliver the gifts to them as well! They did this last year and made some wonderful lasting connections with those families.

• A current Randolph family adopts 1-2 families each year for Christmas, and have done so for MANY years. This year, this family (and their elves) had a blast shopping (and truly went overboard) for one of our families with a single parent.

• Former Randolph student Grant Higgins (now in high school) was unable to make a mission trip due to an illness. Now, Grant is spreading the wealth by using the money he had saved for his trip to help others. He donated $100 to a Randolph family to help with Thanksgiving and Christmas. How special is that?

• Former 5th grade teacher Jan Enstrom retired last year, but she's still helping Randolph students! Her RAK group donated $240 dollars to help Randolph families. WOW!

•A current staff member felt in her heart the need to help....so she went shopping for two students in need. Those students took home big bags of gifts Friday!

• Some friends of Randolph staff trust us enough to use money wisely to help families. We received $500 and $1000 donations from friends of staff. ZOWIE!!

•The GRAND TOTAL............50 families received the grocery gift cards, 19 families were helped with presents and gift cards, the nurse received some needed items, hygiene items were purchased, and the leftover funds/gift cards will help us to make a difference for the rest of the year.

We couldn't be more lucky!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

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