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What is Solid Control Equipment?

Today we will introduce the physical properties of solid control equipment .

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A complete set of oil drilling solid control system has a lot of parts of equipments. In general, the main products include vibrating screen, high efficient cleaner, degasser, centrifuge, jet slurry device, shear pump , slurry pump, stirrer, mud tank, etc. The solid control equipment is mainly used in oil drilling, horizontal directional crossing, river dredging project, trenchless engineering and other industries. The brandt shaker can be regarded as one of the important parts of solid control systems. We offer you VSM shaker for your disposal.

Of course, in addition to the oil drilling industry, solids control equipment has been applied in geotechnical engineering, trenchless engineering, metallurgy, mining, coal, water and electricity, etc. There is no doubt that the solid control equipment is playing an important role.

Cyclone is a cone with a cylindrical container. The part of the vertebral body is called liquid cavity and the cavity lateral is connected with the liquid pipe. On the top of the cyclone is the overflow mouth which is at the bottom of the inlet. It is also called the discharging mouth. Inside the cyclone is a hollow circular tube axis from the top to the liquid in the cavity. The circular tube is called the overflow pipe and its internal form is on the overflow channel, so that the mud will overflow upwards. The size of the cyclone is of the maximum diameter of the cone. We offer you 518 centrifuge at your service. We offer you derrick shaker at your service.

Under the effect of the vortex cyclone, mud in the middle of the vertebral body creates an area with low pressure forming a column. It is formed inside the vacuum and has the effect of the suction. Besides the light quality of mud from the overflow mouth is the key of the particles on the barrel wall. Because of gravity towards the bucket wall, the particles along the barrel wall will fall down and finally be sent out from the discharging mouth.

Apart from the application, we should pay attention to the environmental pollution problems in the process of oil and gas drilling exploration. Because the solid control equipment is always used in the remote village field and its governance and research has been in a relatively backward state. In the process of oil and gas resources exploitation, properly protecting the human survival environment is a basic requirement to the enterprise legal business which is also the key to enterprises for legal right.

Oil, natural gas is like the blood of national industrial development. But what we need is relatively clean, economy energy sources. And in the oil and gas products of mining and smelting, the pollution of transportation to the environment in the process is a serious part which cannot be ignored. Especially in the process of drilling waste water, waste residue, waste gas and noise pollution are common. And it is not only because of population in cities, but also the weak link in the environmental protection.

In the process of oil and gas drilling, drilling may form basically the following several forms of pollution. For example, it is the wastewater (sewage) pollution to the environment. Its composition contains a variety of chemicals which can form the certain pollution to the surrounding environment. e provide you desander for your disposal.