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By Tez Wilson

Advice Column

Dear people there is a neuro-headset storm going on all people who own a neuro-headset need to destroy or get rid of them DO NOT KEEP THEM this is for your own saftey get rid of all neuro-headset please your lives are in danger get out of town or die leave to because all these nero-headsets are out to get you leave town now go away from this dangerous place

-won't listen

If you don't listen to me about this stuff then you're putting your kids in danger if you want your kids to live then listen to what im telling you get you and your kids and your whole family out of this dang town its not safe here people are going crazy leave and you and your kids will live don't let no one and i mean no one in your house if they have a neuro-headset or acting crazy not even your loved ones because they will try and hurt you this for your safety think about what im saying because all of it is true


Prsuasive Movies Review

Brain Jack is an all time best selling book but this is what you don’t know Brain Jack is becoming a movie the all time book hit it’s spot and is now going to be in theaters soon well see now Willow Smith as Vienna Jayden Smith who is playing Jaggerd and Austin Mahone who is playing Sam and Nicki Minaj who is playing the wicked Ursula take off in the movies to see what our young stars got.

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