Data Analysis on Grades

Time Spent on a Quiz

Reflection on Grades - Data Analysis

On of the tools or features that I appreciate to analyze student grades on quizzes is the Quizzes Event Log. In this data analysis tool, I can see not only how long a student spent on their quiz attempt overall, but also how much time a student spent per question. This helps me in determining how to help students that are struggling in terms of their quiz grades.

In the screen shot below, the Quizzes Event Log reveals that the student only spent 12 minutes of the hour alloted on their quiz attempt. It seems likely that it was rushing through the material rather than any specific content - area misunderstanding as the leading contributing factor to this student's lack of success on the quiz.

I followed up on the information revealed by this data analysis tool in the form of both parent and student contact and advised avoiding rushing through quiz attempts in the future.

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