Water Park Awesomeness

By: Keegan Spahn

Gene Mulvihill Overcomes Family Tragedy

Would you be able to go to collage and have to find out that both of your parents died but still be such a big success. Gene Mulvihill was born in August 7,1936. He was an only child in his family. While he was in the in the middle of his fourth year of engineering at a collage both of his parent died. His mom died of cancer and his dad died in a car accident. His grandma had also died of cancer and his grandpa died of liver cancer.

He got married in 1968 and had two children in 1970 His said children were his inspiration to start Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey in May 26, 1978, who had always asked him if they could get a pool or a water slide and he himself thought about a whole bunch of ideas himself.

Gene Mulvihill invested in the stock industry with a very successful career including many industries that include cellular broadcast, robotics, amusement park rides, and real estate development. He was well-known for his long career with Vernon Valley Great Gorge Ski Area and Action Park and, more recently, with his role at Mountain Creek and Crystal Springs Resorts. He also had a long career with the Great American Recreation.

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The Action Never Stops at Action Park

Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water. Action Park was born in 1978 when Great American Recreation, wanted to do something with the ski area during the off season. Two years earlier, in 1976, they had followed the trend of many other ski areas at the time, and opened a 2,700-foot long alpine slide down very steep ski trails. Gradually, Water world and Motor world came together at the base of the mountain to form one of North America's earliest modern water parks, which was originally called the Vernon Valley Summer Park.

Action Park's most successful years were the mid-1980s. Most rides were still open, and the park's later reputation for danger had not yet developed. In 1982, the deaths of two visitors within a week of each other and ensuring permanent closure of one ride took place, but that hardly affected the flow of crowds.

A few rides were closed and dismantled due to expensive settlements and rising insurance premiums in the 1990s, and at last the park's attendance began to suffer as the recession early in that decade reduced visitation. Great American Recreation was finally forced into bankruptcy in 1995, and the original Action Park operated with no insurance for its last few years of its first run.

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Top Ten Waterparks In the U.S.A.

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2: Noah's Ark
3: Splashin' Safari
4: Water World
5: White Water Park
6: Water Country USA
7: Raging Waters
8: Dollywood's Splash Country
9: Wet 'n Wild
10: Kalahari Resort