Reading Class

By. Sydney Lamb

Read: To have the ability to look at and comprehend the meaning of written or printed matter. We all need to know how to do this for the future. That is why this class is so important.

Read Aloud

"Read Aloud" is a group activity we do while reading. Through the week, we do summarizing, predicting, asking questions, and evaluating. We are doing a Read Aloud to the book "The Killer's Cousin." This book is about a boy who is acquitted of his girlfriend's murder. He has to go live with his relatives. The parents don't speak, and the little girl, Lily, is trying to ruin David's life. There are multiple themes that we discussed as we read "The Killer's Cousin," which helped our overall understanding of the book.

One of my favorite books...

The Hunger Games Trilogy is my all-time favorite series. It shows bravery, courage, and maturity. Katniss sacrifices herself for her sister, and she fights for what she believes in. This series teaches useful life lessons for all readers.