Howe's Happenings Week 18 2015-2016

German, ELA 9, and Reading Acceleration at LOHS

What did we do last week?

Last week, ELA 9 students continued reading their independent novels and revising and developing their belief statements. Personal essays are due January 20, and novel packets are due January 22. During exam period on January 26, ELA 9 students will take a Basic Skills Reading Comprehension Test.

Last week, Reading Acceleration students continued reading their independent novels, continued reading news articles, participated in a Socratic seminar, and finished QRI testing. If you have not received an email with your child's test results, you should receive one this week. This week, we will have a visit from Oakland County AARI teachers (read more below) and work on an Independent Textbook Assignment.

Last week, German 1 students finished their food unit. This week, we will be preparing for exams. Speaking exams are Wednesday, January 20. Listening exams are January 22. The remainder of the exam (reading, culture and writing) will take place during the exam period.

I cannot believe that our semester is almost over. It has been a pleasure to teach your children, and I wish them the best of luck on their exams and in the future!

AARI Teachers to Visit Reading Acceleration on Wednesday, January 20.

A small group of AARI teachers (Adolescent Accelerated Reading Initiative) will visit our Reading Acceleration class on Wednesday, January 20. This visit is part of the on-going support of reading teachers by our ISD, Oakland Schools. Portions of our class may be videotaped. If you have not signed the video release or have any questions about the visit, please contact me.

Exchange Opportunities

A couple parents and students have asked about opportunities for LOHS students to participate in an exchange program in another country.

Lake Orion uses the following three companies for student exchanges.

Youth for Understanding

Rotary Youth Exchange


Our liaison with these companies is Guidance Counselor, Michele Novak. You can contact her via email at

If your child is specifically interested in a study program in Germany, the AATG (American Association of Teachers of German) offers a Summer Study program and scholarships. You can find out more about this year's trip here.