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Be Present - Be Positive - Be Persistent in your Learning

Volume 1, Issue 17 October 31, 2022

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Quote of the Week

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. --Babe Ruth (American Baseball Player)

Principal's Message

BVM Community,

Good morning and Happy Halloween! We only have 6 weeks left before the conclusion of our 1st semester. Please make sure to sit down with your student and review their grades this week to prepare for our home stretch for the semester. Review your student's syllabi to review the teachers' make-up policy and any opportunity to make up missed assignments or assessments. Also, take advantage of our tutoring schedule (listed below) where students can receive additional subject-specific support before, during, or after school.

My first message to our students when I met them four months ago was to "Be present, be positive, and be persistent!" So far, our students have done a tremendous job of showing up to school every day and maintaining a positive attitude. For the last stretch in our semester, I'm asking our students to stay persistent in their learning. This is the time to push forward, believe in yourself, and remain optimistic that you will succeed in all of your classes! Let's go BVM!!!

Furthermore, this past weekend, our students competed in the 2022 Middle School Fall Season Playoffs. All of our athletic teams played either in the semi-final game or the championship game and represented our school well! Our girls' basketball team won the 2022 Mesa League Basketball Championship. We also had one of our very own Crusaders, 7th-grade student Elias Silva-De Guzman, perform this weekend in The Spongebob Musical hosted by the San Diego Junior Theater. We have a ton of talented students at Bonita Vista Middle School and we are always happy to celebrate them! Please see below for more acknowledgments and pictures!

Lastly, please remember to review the 4 Essential Rules at Bonita Vista Middle School that allow us to not only promote our safety on campus, but it allows us to ensure that our students are fully present and ready to learn:

1. No Cell Phones on Campus: We ask that all students placed their cell phones in their backpacks once they are at school and on our campus. We not only enforce this rule during class time but especially during nutrition break and lunchtime. We want our students to interact with each other as much as possible as opposed to being on their screens/phones.

2. No IPAD Misuse: Every student is issued an IPAD for educational purposes only. We ask students to use their devices strictly as implements of learning.

3. No Earbuds: Similar to our cell phone rule, we ask that once students are at school and on our campus, they place their earbuds in their backpacks. We have noticed that students are less distracted in class and engage more with each other when they are not using earbuds.

4. No Hoodie (worn on head): Students can wear hooded sweatshirts but in order to be able to identify our students at all times, we ask students not to wear their hoods over their heads. This rule is in place for student safety. Should a non-student sneak onto our campus, we would want to identify them immediately. Also, we need to ensure during class and outside of class that students do not have their earbuds. We prioritize making sure that students are paying attention in class and our fully engaged with each other at all times.

If you ever need to report a disciplinary or safety concern, please make sure to report any and all concerns to our administrative team. Please visit this link to contact our assistant principals:

Please also feel free to email me if you have any comments, questions, or concerns at

Thank you

Dr. Salazar


Parents, if you would like to verify the actual work that was submitted:

1. Ask your student to bring you their ipad.

2. Click on the assignment from the list in Jupiter grades

3. Select the assignment submitted and choose view.

*Please see the photos attached. The work does not disappear. It remains submitted even after the teacher views and evaluates the work.


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Morning Tutoring with Ms. Bauer in our library from 7 am - 8 am (Daily).

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Week at a Glance

Check out our week at a glance for October 31 - November 4 by clicking on the button below.

October 31, 2022

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November 1, 2022

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FYI Corner

Below you will find valuable information about our school!
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School Site Council Meeting: October 27, 2022

Did you know that we meet 6-8 times a year with parent groups to discuss and determine how and why we fund certain programs on our campus? In the picture above, our assistant principal, Ms. Conlon, is leading a discussion about some of our academic programs funded through Title I.
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Ms. Conlon meeting with our English Language Advisory Committee on Thursday, October 27, 2022

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Mr. Bonilla, one of our assistant principals, leading a class discussion and drill on safety in Ms. Caldwell's class last week.

Dual Immersion Program at Bonita Vista Middle School

Did you know that we are a Dual Immersion Middle School? Please click on the button below to learn more about our program.

Acknowledgment Corner

The Acknowledgment Corner will be continued to be used to highlight and celebrate our students at any opportunity that we can! If you would like your student acknowledged for something we may not be aware of, please feel free to contact me (include a picture if possible).

2022 Mesa League Champions --Girls Basketball

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2022 Mesa League Runner-Up --Boys Basketball

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2022 Mesa League Runner-Up --7th Grade Baseball

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2022 Mesa League Semi-Finalists--8th Grade Baseball

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2022 Mesa League Runner Up --Softball

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7th Grade Student Performing in The Sponge Bob Musical

Our very own Elias Silva-De Guzman is performing in The Sponge Bob Musical at the Casa Del Prado Theater. The show runs through November 13th so you still have a chance to go watch Elias perform! Click on the following link for more information:
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Please make sure to check out the most updated information below about our COVID guidelines and protocols.


San Diego County Office of Education and California Department of Public Health are no longer requiring individual notifications to families for students who are close contacts. Bonita Vista Middle School will shift to providing close contact general notifications. We continue to strongly recommend that students test weekly and wear masks when indoors. To sign up for free home testing kits, please see the information below the heading: NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SDSU COVID STUDY.

National Institute of Health SDSU COVID Study

I'm happy to announce that my family and I have enrolled in this service/study through SDSU! We will be testing weekly and we will receive free at-home testing kits every month! See the QR Code below to learn how to participate! We will also receive a gift card at the end of the year! Make sure to sign up or to learn more information see below!


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