Someone Named Eva

By; Joan M. Wolf

Melida was living a wonderful life, playing with her friends, taking care of her little sister, joking around with her older brother and helping her grandmother, mother and father with work around the house...until one very specific night. They came, the Nazi soldiers, all of them came and took each family with them, they took them to a nearby school to see if there were any girl children with the perfect German race, which includes, blond hair, blue eyes, perfect nose, perfect head shape and more, most of those things they just made up. They took all the children that were like that with them and they were going to teach them to be apart of the women Nazi organization. Melida was taken away from her mother, father, grandmother, siblings and friends, she was taken by the Nazis to be forced to be in the program.

She never forgot who she was, even though her and a bunch of other girls had to learn how to be a civil Nazi women. People got punished with beatings if they did not do what they are told, Eva which is her new German name, only got hit once and never let it happened again. She had to learn how to cook, clean, speak, and dress how German women would. One day one of the German teachers took the girls to a nearby German town to go see what it would be like, Eva swore that she saw someone who looked like her grandma, so she went up and hugged the lady. The lady was mad and scared, so she spat on Eva, after that the teacher came and started beating the women. After that Eva was so frightened and scared of what she witnessed.

One day all the girls were taken to the church for a very special surprise. They were all getting adopted by their new german families. Eva was so scared, she can almost faint. She was taken home by the nicest family, well the mother was nice, the father was a little hard headed. But she was going to be taken home in this big, lovely house where she would live with her new mother, father, sister and brother and along with the maid, chef and butler. She lived and fear for awhile but these people made her feel at home, and she liked that feeling, but was sad cause she missed her own family. A couple years after she got adopted the red cross came to take Eva back to her home family because the war was won. She found out that her father, grandmother, and brother died, so she got reunited with her mother and the red cross was still searching for her little sister her got adopted by a Nazi. After she got reunited with her mother they moved in with her mother’s cousin and lived together for the rest of their lives.

The mothers of children would get metals, i wish we still got metals today cause i have 9 siblings, 10 counting me so my mom would have a lot of metals. Eva/Melida never ever forgot who she was, and i think that i will never forget who i am which is a sweet, loyal, and trustworthy person who is very awesomely awkward and i'm happy to be me, no matter what any one thinks of me. I think that my friend Kaylee would enjoy this book because its filled with action and has a really god story line. Also i was always on the edge of my seat, and she likes books like that. If i had to rate this book i would give it a 5, this was by far the best Holocaust book i had ever read.