Me Phone

The next big thing is here.

Mel Esquivel 3rd ; What do you do when you're bored? You buy a Me Phone.

The worlds Largest phone is here. Teleport to different places in an instant. Go back in time and reverse your most embarrassing moments. Have you ever wanted a phone, but couldnt find a way to come up with the money? That's ok because our Me Phone is only 99.99 + Tax!

Unbreakable, unless you drop it.

Come by and buy one!

Emal :

Phone : 456-365-7894

Address: MeStore, CA USA

The new Me Phone!

Have you seen someone that has a Me Phone? Do you want to purchase one? Come swing by at our office!

Me Phone Give Away!

Friday, Dec. 12th 2064 at 1-8pm

MeStore, CA USA

Come by and get a chance to get a free Me Phone!
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Are you a call of duty fan? Have you been looking for a phone that you can play call of duty on? Well its here, and we're glad to introduce it to you.

Call us @ 456-365-7894