We had a great week learning all about apples! We had an apple orchard dramatic play in the corner of the room where the kids sorted the apples by color and size, and took turns picking apples off of the tree. They also loved transporting the apples in the wagon and getting a turn to ride in the wagon. At the red table (fine motor), we used tongs to count pom poms on the apple tree. We also practiced patterning, cutting with scissors, ripping paper, and tracing shapes. At the blue table (academic skills), we counted and sorted apples on our trees. We matched apple letters to letters on the tree and made some fun apple crafts. We also played with some green and red apple cinnamon scented play-doh!

We are working on following directions and transitioning between activities. The kids are learning our morning circle routine, which involves a listening song, taking turns jumping on the trampoline, counting how many kids came to school, and thinking about the calendar. We ended the week with a fun obstacle course on the playground, which included puzzles and small manipulative tasks as we made our way down the slides and around the sidewalk on our bikes!


We will be continuing our apple theme during our short week next week! If you have any toilet paper rolls that you wouldn't mind sending in with your child on Tuesday, we can use them to make apple trees. I have a few already but the more we have, the more we'll be able to do :)

Next week, we will be starting Friendship Group, meaning that two or three kids from Room 4 (next door) will be coming in for an hour each day as peer models. We will be working together on social and play skills, and I'm really looking forward to this starting!

NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7. Enjoy your long weekend!